Wednesday Things

Listening to My Mom Giggle

We’re watching the first episode of No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.  I reheated some pizza and we are eating cookies and I’m blogging while my mom giggles.

There are men in our trees, slowly chopping them all down.  They tie themselves to the top, weilding chainsaws and ropes, and drop branches to the ground.  Every hour or so, they all come to the ground and stand around and smoke and confer.  Then, they seem to leap back into the trees.

As I said, the master plan is 1st. The dead trees and the hackberries come out.  2nd, we get a new roof.  3rd, we switch from the septic system to the sewer system.  4th, we get a new driveway.

Once we go from septic to sewer, I will put a big, stinky magnolia in the yard about where the front hackberry was, so that when I open my bedroom windows in the summer at night, I will smell it on the breeze.

But what my mom and I were pondering is what kind of tree might go where the back hackberry was, whenever we get around to planting something.  I would like a small, flowering tree there.  Maybe a native apple.