15 thoughts on “Oh, Teabaggers, Could You Try Not to Be Giant Douches?

  1. And View to a Kill is a terrible movie. (Of course, the last time I watched it, I was in labor…that might have colored my impressions of it.)

  2. I was not the anonymous source. However, Nashville event was well-attended after a slow start. Attended, key word. What people got out of it is another question.

    The loneliest guy: the ubitquitious showing from NORML. He (solo) was holding a sign that said “TAX ME” with a pot leaf opposite.

    Child abuse moment was a carriage full of toddlers holding signs that had the circle-slash through the word “socialism!” I think most of them are still working on polysyllables, much less being able to hold forth on comparative economics.

    Favorite sign was “Spread my work ethic, not my wealth.” I wanted to ask her if she protested for a living. Ah, the irony would have been lost, I’m a’ feared.

    Most of the crowd (at least the ones holding signs) were there to talk about taxes and the budget, but the numbers of the associated hobby-horse issues, when amalgamated, would about pull even with them. Popular thoughts included, “I’m now on the NHS Watch List,” “Progressive = Fascist,” “Hitler Gave Good Speeches Too!” and “Impeach Obama now.” “Yes to Friedman, No to Keynes.” (There’s a one-percenter in every crowd) There was a petition drive calling for a vote of confidence on Lamar Alexander – one of the few non-movement Republicans left in office and boy are they eager to eat his lunch now. Strict Constitutionalists were also making a fine showing, but I steered well clear of them – as well as the people showing up with bandanas over their faces to obscure the peering eyes of the black helicopters.

    Overall, it was a bust, I thought. Objectively speaking, it was a bust. I was there reasonably promptly at 12:00 noon but it was impossible to hear any of the speakers. The PA system wasn’t above crowd level, so the sound could only reasonably propogate over a radius of about 50′. And as it became apparent that their low-fi public address was so hard to hear, everyone clustered around the podium, which made it even more impossible to hear. Dutifully, the speakers figured out how to start “USA! USA! USA!” chants, so there were occasional crowd-participation moments. People who couldn’t hear would cheer or clap when those who could were given the appropriate cues. Many around the perimeter, especially those with evident age lines, complained loudly that they couldn’t hear and begged for them to turn it up. To no avail.

    And then, to make matters worse for those clustered around the PA straining to hear, there was a cordon of cars looping Legislative Plaza honking, honking, and honking. At one point, a fuel truck made its way in front of the capitol and let its air horn blaze for four solid minutes. A thing of beauty, it was.

    Money overheard quote of the afternoon: “Yeah, this would have been a lot more fun if there’d been more actual Republicans here.” I… uh… wha…?

  3. Jon stole my comment! Yeah, “Duran Duran” is from (Jane Fonda’s ex-husband) Roger Vadim’s bizarro-fun 60s scifi cult movie. (Best line: Decrucify the Angel!) Don’t they realize they are crossing the line into SERIOUS CAMP?

    Or maybe they think they are the reincarnation of James Bond?

    (Faux News has been going crazy covering the teabag stuff, you’d think it was the Second Coming.)

  4. Unfortunately for Fox, being able to mobilize around 100,000 people in a grand coalition of NORML, tinfoil hat guys, militia recruiters, skinheads, pissed off libertarians, schizophrenic unemployed cranks, and regular old fiscal conservatives spells bad news for their target demo. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their ad rates tank.

  5. When I passed through at noon I was unimpressed. The theme song at the time was ‘We’re not going to take it’. Most of the crowd was oldsters and moms with strollers with a few state employees mixed in. There was a fellow in a confederate uniform sitting in an antique truck at the intersection in front of the capital honking his horn.

    As I was walking down the sidewalk a guy in a car pulled up next to the THP trooper in front of me and asked the trooper if he was going to do anything about the horn honking because ‘you guys arrest teenagers for doing it’. The trooper just shrugged his shoulders and walked into the legislative plaza.

  6. Favorite sign being held by a retiree standing in the middle of Charlotte… “The Fed Coats Are Coming”

    I’m with Andy. I’ve seen quite a few protests at Legislative Plaza. This one was pretty weak.

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