I Cried for You; It’s Your Turn, You Can Cry a While

I still do not have my motherfucking garden tilled.

And, I ask you America, do I ever bothere to buy plants from any place other than Bates Nursery around the corner?  For starters, they are right around the corner.  Second, every plant I’ve purchased from them has been superdelicious awesome.

The folks are down to Georgia with the Butcher and the nephew.

My mom was telling me a lovely story about the autistic girl in one of her classes whose mom beats her for being so stupid and then makes her get down on her knees and pray to God to forgive her for said stupidity.  The school has called DCFS numerous times, but DCFS says that the mother’s church has given her guidelines for the proper way to beat her child and so they a.) have kids who have it worse that they have to deal with and b.) aren’t knowingly going to take on a case that has them taking on church teachings.

I told her to just stop telling me any more about it, because my heart cannot bear it.

Please, please, America, don’t have kids if you don’t want them.  And don’t beat your kids, even if God says it’s okay.  Please.


What a depressing post.

The dog and I are up to stuff today, though, so that’s nice.

4 thoughts on “I Cried for You; It’s Your Turn, You Can Cry a While

  1. Ouch, it started off seeming sort of happy. That’s really sad. It makes me want to strangle someone, trouble is I can’t figure out who exactly.

  2. My son’s mom was going to “counselling” with a pastor who told her and her husband to spank their kids for any rule they broke. Any of them. Don’t say “please?” Forget to make your bed in the morning? Smack! It made me so very, very sick. And the courts wouldn’t back us up to keep him out of that madhouse, for the same reason. Well, there was a pastor involved. It’s “just a spanking.” Further bullshit.

    Now it’s hard to get my son to even notice consequences. If he’s not getting hit, does it matter? His younger brother has major, major behavior problems, of the “end up in state custody very soon” kind. He’s 4 and showing psychotic and sociopathic behaviors. Gosh. Wonder why…

    I don’t fucking get it. I hope I never do.

  3. Um, that story about the autistic child is bullshit! I’ve worked for CPS (albeit in a different state) and generally if a child is developmentally disabled in some way their risk of abuse goes way up. And it does not matter if their church says it’s okay to beat them, it’s still not okay to beat them. That’s bullshit.

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