The Trees

I forgot to tell you about how, even though I hate the hackberries and the back one tried to kill me, I still felt bad about chopping them down–as if chopping down a live tree is a sin against nature.

But, we discovered that the front tree was so rotted up the middle that we were lucky it hadn’t fallen in any of the spring storms.  And the back one had started to rot, which would have been especially bad considering how close it was to the house.

Sadly, though, now that we have the dead tree outside my bedroom window down, I can see that one of the small trees has bagworms.  Bad.  I’m not sure what to do for it, if anything.

Still, when I get back from lunch, that may be something I contemplate from the hammock.

Did I tell you that Shug is coming down to help get my garden tilled?

I am so excited.

And Burpee gave me a refund on the shitty coneflowers they sent me.  So, I took the money and bought coneflowers from Bates, who, if you are interested, have beautiful looking e. tennesseensis, a bunch of them.  I already had some, of course, so I got one standard e. purpurea (not sure on the spelling) and a yellow one and a white one.  And the dog and I were out there looking at the crappy Burpee flowers and are of the opinion that one or two of them might make it.  The only recognizeable thing from seed I see so far, though, are the hollyhocks.  I suspect elsewhere I just have a shit-ton of tiny trees.