The Saddest April 20th Ever!!!

Oh folks, apparently this is the saddest April 20th ever.

Not for me.  I find it to be pretty hilarious, but I’m trying to be sympathetic.

7 thoughts on “The Saddest April 20th Ever!!!

  1. Hmm. Well, it’s like this. April 20th can be written 420, so it is celebrated by folks who like to… um… get together and watch G4.

    So, imagine how sad you’d be if you woke up this morning and discovered that you… um… couldn’t get G4.

    It’s like having the 4th of July and discovering you’re out of fireworks.

  2. Happily by this evening, the dulcet sounds of G4 appeared to be ringing out across the land.

    In all seriousness, I almost made my dad call you this weekend because he’s all pissed off that we have so many more channels than he does with Direct TV. I was all “I bet Comcast’s head would explode if someone called them up to complain that they were providing too good a service.”

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