A Couple of Things Not to Miss

Sweet Machine has a post up about how one of the methods of torturing prisoners was to reduce their caloric intake to 1,000 calories a day.  And how it was justified by arguing that, since people voluntarily go on diets that restrict their calories that much, it couldn’t possibly be torture.

That’s interesting, but DO NOT miss the link she has to Junkfood Science.  There you’ll find Sandy Szwarc’s post on the Minnesota Starvartion experiment in which people whose caloric intake was restricted to 1,500 a day and it fucked them up.

Many, many people have made this point, but I will make it again.  Encouraging women to obsess over our weight and to restrict our caloric intake is one of the easiest and surest ways to keep us from being as effective as we might otherwise could be.  No one has to actively hold us back if we accept it as our duty to do it to ourselves.

3 thoughts on “A Couple of Things Not to Miss

  1. Thank you for the links, Aunt B! The patriarchy’s MSM has a vested interest in keeping women thin and weak or else demoralized about eating normally. Sweet Machine and others like her do a great service (as do you to Tennessee, and I speak as someone just over the Cumberlands from you).

  2. I finally understand why my docs have always told me not to mess about with calorie restrictions. I’m “normal” on the BMI index, but I have thyroid disease, which leads to the occasional thyroid bloat and the temptation to try to control it in the wrong ways. Now I understand why that could be disastrous, and why they’ve always told me EAT IF YOU ARE HUNGRY OR I WILL SLAP YOU.

    The “do no harm” in the Hippocratic oath specifically refers to not disrupting the body’s natural tendency to right itself. My docs were telling me my metabolism would sort out the momentary imbalances if I stayed out of the way and let it get on with it.

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