Once You Start Making Things Up, It’s Not the Truth Any More

So, Tiny Pasture’s got footage of this UCLA student getting told that she should lie about the age of her boyfriend when asked if she wants an abortion.  And he’s got news that this “damning” piece of evidence is being used by the Right to (Some) Life crowd to push State Legislators to pass SB 470, which would defund Planned Parenthood.

But the whole thing is really strange.

For starters, you never see the front of the Planned Parenthood building.  So, who knows if that footage was actually shot even near the Memphis Planned?  I see a sky and some trees.  I don’t even hear the traffic on Union.  And I don’t see the face of the intake worker, so how can I know if she’s an actual Planned Parenthood employee?

But let’s get on to the second problem.  We don’t get to see Lila Rose’s face.  But you can get a glimpse of her here on Bill O’Reilly’s show.  And she doesn’t look thirteen.  Or fourteen.  Or fifteen.  Or whatever other ages she’s pretending to be when she goes on her little stings (if, indeed, she goes on them all).  And she certainly doesn’t sound like a young teenager on her own tape.  She sounds like a grown woman pretending to be a young teenager.

So, even if I might be sympathetic to the idea that she’s discovering some wrong behavior on the part of some Planned Parenthood workers, when I try to put myself in the position of the supposed Memphis worker, I wonder what my response would have been.  Not because I think it’s right to break the law.  If someone in the Memphis Planned Parenthood is faced with an actual 14 year old actually claiming to be impregnated by a 31 year old, she sure as hell needs to report that.

But even from Lila Rose’s own tape, which she has edited to be as damning as possible to Planned Parenthood and to put herself in the best possible light, I hear hesitancy in that worker’s voice, like she’s not sure who she’s being faced with and she’s just trying to get through her part of the job so she can pass Lila Rose along to someone else.

And if you consider what she’s facing, it’s hard to blame her.  Workers at Planned Parenthood see women of all ages all the time; not just for abortions, but for all kinds of healthcare.  So, here’s this worker standing in a room with a 20 year old woman who’s claiming to be 14, who’s speaking in a weird baby voice.  And who wants to have an abortion.  That’s what that worker (if indeed it’s a worker and not someone else also lying) sees–a girl who is already obviously not telling her the truth, but who seems pretty sincere about what is obviously not the truth.

Okay, so then there are two types of people in the world who seem like they believe the lies they tell you–con artists and people who have an untreated mental illness.  Though Lila Rose happens to be a con artist, why would the Planned Parenthood worker have any reason to think that she was anything other than a woman in need of mental healthcare?  And yet, as we know, people with mental illnesses have a hard time getting that care.  So, it’s not surprising to me to hear her kind of feeding the delusion, even as her voice seems to give away that she thinks there’s something peculiar here.  She’s saying what she needs to say to pass Lila Rose off on someone else.

The whole set-up is so obviously bizarre that I’m not sure we can draw any conclusions from it (though mark my words, it won’t surprise me if this video makes the rounds and convinces the State Legislature to pull funding to Planned Parenthood).

Lila Rose says “I said I was 14 and they said these things to me.”  But she’s not 14, so she’s established herself as a liar.  Everything else that happens in that video?  How can we trust the truth of it?  I don’t know that it was shot in Memphis.  There, suspiciously, aren’t any good establishing outside shots.  I don’t know that she actually talked to a worker at the Memphis Planned Parenthood, because, suspiciously, there aren’t any shots of her face.  And I only have Lila Rose’s word that the alleged Planned Parenthood worker believed that Lila Rose was 14 and pregnant and not the scenario which is just as plausible–that the worker thought she was an extremely fucked up 20 year old who was lying about her age and hoped to pass the problem off to someone else.

15 thoughts on “Once You Start Making Things Up, It’s Not the Truth Any More

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  2. If she wanted it to be believable, the very least she could have done was to film in the elevator and or before going into the office. And if she were alone at any time, film something–anything–that confirms she was in a PP and in Memphis.

    I can tell you that at least part of this was filmed in Memphis, though. At the very end, you can see a sign for office space rental at 1407 Union with a phone number 758-2 (can’t see the rest). That is Memphis and that’s a valid exchange, though I don’t know what property management company that is. But all that indicates is that she was outside the building.

    Regardless of all that, sure, I hope Memphis PP is addressing this with their staff. But it certainly doesn’t negate the good work that they do on a regular basis. And, frankly, we don’t really see the end here. We don’t know that someone didn’t try to report the incident. This is such a load of crap.

  3. I agree. If what we saw was the whole thing with the staff member, then, yes, they need to address this with their staff and maybe fire the person involved in this incident.

    But this chick has built a career on trying to “catch” Planned Parenthoods. She’s got to continue to come up with these “incidents” or she’s out of a job.

    And I don’t care what Kleinheider says, that woman does not look 14.

  4. I just posted this over at Post Politics, so I’m cross posting here.

    The Planned Parenthood counselor, even if she did everything that these people claim, did nothing illegal.

    The statute they provide does require the reporting of child sexual abuse. But this is not child sexual abuse as defined by TN law:

    (D) For the purposes of the reporting, investigation, and treatment provisions of §§ 37-1-603 — 37-1-615 “child sexual abuse” also means the commission of any act specified in subdivisions (a)(3)(A)-(C) against a child thirteen (13) years of age through seventeen (17) years of age if such act is committed against the child by a parent, guardian, relative, person residing in the child’s home, or other person responsible for the care and custody of the child;

  5. It is aggravated statutory rape, but that is not covered under the required reporting statute, meaning that everything that girl told Planned Parenthood is covered under her right to privacy.

  6. LOL! I’ll try to keep that in mind, Sam.

    I’m still waiting on an answer from Kleinheider. I asked on the Post Politics board “It took me five minutes to run this story down and find out it’s BS. Why couldn’t you do that instead of spreading a false story?”

  7. I had a different take, after watching the video; it seemed pretty obvious to me that the PP worker had prior knowledge that young women (if not this same young woman, who’s apparently done this before) sometimes put on their own little “sting” operations to entrap PP workers. I got the distinct impression that this PP worker knew that, and was treading carefully to balance that knowledge and her own BS meter against the possibility that this was a real patient with a real problem.

    It’s nothing like a real police sting on, say, a prostitution case. Prostitution is never legal. Like it or not (and clearly, this woman doesn’t) what PP workers do for a living is legal and even more, it’s helpful. If you can’t abide that, then address it up front; lying to create the falsehood of impropriety on the part of the person you’re trying to nail, who would otherwise be acting properly, is wrong.

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  9. I just posted this over at Post Politics, so I’m cross posting here.

    The Planned Parenthood counselor, even if she did everything that these people claim, did nothing illegal.

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