7 thoughts on “Passed Along with Little Comment

  1. The cat was killing me!

    The scholarships. I’ve heard so many people say “But think of how many women get scholarships” and I’ve felt ooky but not been able to put my finger on why.

    But definitely it’s that it’s like a payoff for subjecting you to the beauty pageant. Like because you agreed to take this giant step back, they’ll let you take this giant step forward.

    But haven’t you just ended up at square one again?

  2. My response to the scholarship hoohah has always been “and sex workers get money or drugs.”

    I don’t think exploitation becomes okay if there is some supposed payoff in the end. And withpageants it’s doubly bad because it only rewards scholarships after forcing women to compete with women.

    I visualize a pit full of hungry women and someone standing at the edge dangling a crust of bread. The only woman who gets that bite of food is the one who realizes she can reach it by standing on the bodies of the others in the hole.

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