Hot Bee on B. action

At a less-classy blog than this joint, the title of this post would be a euphamism for masturbation.

Lucky for you, I’m just coming in to report that, while I was waiting for Rachel, I was lounging in the hammock and a bee landed on my toe.  Yes, my first instinct was to scream and shake my foot, but then… I might get stung.

So, I sat there, still as I could, while the bee just hung out on my foot and, after a while, it flew off.

I wish I’d had the camera.

One thought on “Hot Bee on B. action

  1. I used to be one of those people who would freak out when bees got near, and I finally realized that they’re actually quite harmless. I have now got myself (and to some extent, them) to the point that I can get bumblebees to light on my hand and hang out for a minute.

    Not to be outdone by her uncle, my niece taught one to fetch. It could not lift the things she was throwing, but damned if the thing didn’t track them all the way to the ground and come right back to her, obediently waiting for her to throw the next thing.

    I still hate wasps though. I’ll go out of my way to kill a wasp.

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