Oh, Plants

It’s supposed to rain on and off for the next week or so and I am nervously watching the garden.  It couldn’t be better timing, of course.  Get the garden in and let the rains come.  But I’m still nervous for the transplants.  I want to run out there every five minutes and whisper words of encouragement to the tomatoes.

Oh, tomatoes, I have faith that you will grow and make something of yourselves.

4 thoughts on “Oh, Plants

  1. I’m whispering to mine tonight, too. They’re not in the ground yet but I’ve begun hardening them off. I’m still unsure whether I should leave them outdoors. Just the thought of hail … oh, hell, I think I’d better bring them in!

  2. if your tomatoes should die, I know a source of more tomatoes… thousands in fact… volunteers from last year… take heart!

  3. The rain, she cometh again! I hope my freshy-planted mint perks up. I’ve got to post pics of all my roses for you… but perhaps I should wait ’til they’re all blooming.

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