Three Things

1.  For the first time in my blogging career, I get to tell you that I am working on something so cool I about can’t stand it and ask you to be on the lookout for it, right here at Tiny Cat Pants.

2.  The poor dog has been suffering from allergies for days, then had to wake me up last night because she got her paw stuck in her collar somehow, and then, apparently when I picked her up to put her in my bed, I squeezed her in the wrong spot and she peed on the floor.  Since she is a good dog, she about died of embarrassment, though I tried to reassure her that anyone as sick as her who has an accident when someone squeezes her can be forgiven.  I am, of course, also trying to figure out how, if she continues to pee on squeeze (though I’m guessing this will clear up as her cold does), I can use this against my critics.

3.  The Butcher has an interview tomorrow.  Please, please, citizens of Earth, keep your fingers crossed.  I don’t care if it’s the lowest paying crappy job on the planet.  If it gives him gas money and the ability to buy groceries every once in a while, I will kiss the world square on the mouth.

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