Just Stating for the Record

Lydia Lenker from the Governor’s Office never emailed me back.

Oh, you know how it is.  You email and don’t get an answer and someone says, “Oh, no, you should have called.”  Or you call and they’re all “Who the hell are you?” because the truth is that you already have to be someone in the first place.

Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Just Stating for the Record

  1. You are someone. You are the person who has the blog that reaches a big audience in Tennessee and across the nation who it would be good to keep on good terms with, even if it was just shooting a teeny little “press release on file” media memo about the TNDP situation and its relation to the Governor’s office. It would take about five seconds to do, or to pass it along to a flack to do if you’re exceptionally busy writing anti-Forrester posts over at Post Politics. Gee, what good free press she could have gotten.

    Instead, she becomes the person I would have never heard of if you hadn’t written about her. And now I know who she is and I’m inclined not to like her. I’m also inclined to conclude that she lacks both rudimentary courtesy and the media savvy necessary to do her job. She’s chosen to make the story about the unresponsiveness of the Governor’s Office to reasonable constituent inquiries (that it would benefit from answering, mind you, through a back channels way…duh…). Moreover, she manages to make her boss look stupid, which is a job that he usually handles all on his own.

    So, that’s her. Personally, I’d rather be you.

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