Mystery Garden

There are a whole lot of weird things going on in my yard.  Join me for a tour.

7 thoughts on “Mystery Garden

  1. i am green with envy over the crawdad… seriously, I’m a little bitter about not having one of my own out there in my yard.

    Of course, I have bunnies… and several bat sh*t crazy neighbors. Wanna trade?

  2. Well, shit. What am I going to tell people who ask me if I eat seafood if I can no longer tell them, “Last I checked, you couldn’t plant a seed and grow seafood.” ???

    You are going to love your peonies. They’ll need to be staked when they open up. And be careful about bringing them in due to the ants. And I have that same iris as your first pic. It smells wonderful–like candy!

  3. Well, truth be told my crazy neighbor kicked out her alkie son last fall and is giving me irises this spring. I think it has something to do with the new veggie beds I put in; she’s hoping I’ll forget that when he vandalized my bushes it was because she put him up to it, and share the bounty.

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