X-Men Origines: Wolverine

So, we went to see the Wolverine movie and I think we both came out of it feeling like it was very satisfying.  It’s not spectacular, but if you like the X-Men movies, it’s worth seeing in the theater.  It’s just nicely done.  It takes a while to get going, but once it does, it’s nice.

And on the way home we had a long talk about whether you could really do a good Superman movie at the contemporary moment.  I said, yes, but you’d have to be willing to stick Batman in it.  I know it’s corny, but I think Batman and Superman bring out the best in each other–both allow the other to be better and more human than they otherwise would.

After all, what is Wolverine but an unmoored Superman?

5 thoughts on “X-Men Origines: Wolverine

  1. Haven’t seen the Huge Ackman flick yet. The kids are indifferent to it, so it can wait until On Demand.

    As for the “unmoored Superman”, I’ve already seen “Hancock”.

  2. Okay lied. Not leaving for groceries yet.

    I think that I”m not going to any more superhero movies until we get over this zeitgeist of wallowing in the Reluctant Hero, the Tortured Hero and the Driven By Demons Hero.

    I’m tired of that. I just want a freaking Hero Hero again, like when I was a kid.

    I freakin’ KNOW all humans are flawed. That’s what they invented Superheroes FOR.

    I’m tired of the flawed superhero.

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