“Some Letter for Some State. I’m Going to Kill Someone!”

So, my life has been streaked through with Jimmie Rodgers over the last week or so, and I’m driving in my car to work, thinking “Rodgers can’t possibly get me here!!!”  Okay, I wasn’t thinking that.  I was more thinking, is it weird that I drive to work fantasizing about taking a road trip with David Banner (the rapper), in which we could sing fun Mississippi songs and he could talk about his “drawers” and, even if it is weird, should we invite Justin Timberlake or not?

See?  It is weird.  Who even knows if David Banner likes fun Mississippi songs?  And how would we define a fun Mississippi song, even?

That’s not the point.  The point is that, so now, I’m screening my iPod for potential fun Mississippi songs and I come along “M for Mississippi” which I got from over at Ninebullets, which is only hampered from being the perfect music blog by its total lack of posts about what a douche John Rich seems to be, but anyway, it’s still good and you should read it.  “M for Mississippi” is, not surprisingly, off of the album “M for Mississippi,” which, as I learned from Autopsy IV, and which, by now, you have learned too, since the link is before this stuff I’m typing now, is a collection of contemporary Mississippi blues songs, stuff that’s being played in Mississippi right now.  Contemporary, of course, meaning “right now.”  Ha.  Yes, I am still paying big bucks for the privilege of learning shit like that.

Yes, so the song.  It seems like it has the potential to be a fun Mississippi song, right?  It says “Mississippi” right there in the title.

I start listening and I’ll be damned if it’s not Jimmie Rodgers’ “T for Texas” just reworked and set to drums and a harmonica.  How fucking cool is that?  A guy from Mississippi goes to New Jersey to record some songs and the one he recorded on November 30, 1927 was so good that, 80 years later, guys from Mississippi can still make it sound fresh and bad-ass.

Obama: Not that Bad

I was laughing yesterday at reading yet another conservative blogger refer to Obama as the Messiah.  As a liberal, I’m probably alone in this but I don’t think Obama is the greatest thing since sliced cheese.

I just think he’s not that bad.  I have, honestly, enjoyed feeling like I don’t have to tune in for the press conferences or rush to read the morning news to see what terrible bullshit things are happening in our name.  To me, Obama doesn’t have to be a good president; he just has to be not that bad.

Are there liberal bloggers who run around all “Obama is going to lift us up and save us all?” I’m sure there are.  But in my case, I just kind of like the sense of “Obama is not going to pull us down further.”