Important Announcement

I used to be the kind of girl who would make fun of people for lifting their decrepit dogs into bed at night.  “Why can’t your dog just sleep on the floor?” I would ask, dismissively.

I am now the kind of girl who lifts her decrepit dog into bed at night.

19 thoughts on “Important Announcement

  1. Oh god. I have become the kind of person who is thinking seriously about buying her dog some steps.

    What has happened to me?!

  2. I don’t think this should stress you out. If someone in your family suffered some physical ailment, even just the body limitations that often come with aging, you’d make all kinds of accommodations to your home to ease their visits or daily life. I know the dog isn’t exactly the same kind of family member, but her daily life has included access to the couch and the beds. To deny her that just because she has bad knees and is getting old is unnecessary. To accommodate her is not too indulgent at all (surely less so than lifting the cats onto the counter). She won’t get healthier either trying to climb up or stay off. You like her up there with you too. That’s okay.

  3. Ha, true. Especially since the tiny cat is more than capable of getting on the counter, she just chooses not to.

    But if I get to the point where I’m buying a cat stroller, just club me to death with it and put me out of my misery.

  4. I promise – here in writing before the world – I’ll keep you from the cat stroller days.

  5. $125 per cat stroller should keep anyone from the cat stroller days. I wish I’d invented those things!

    As Mama said: “A fool and his money soon part”

  6. I have to haul three, THREE I TELL YOU, on the bed with me now. And as I have grown closer to Pinks, I just have to tell you, it’s nice to have a younger dog in the house that can on the bed herself.

  7. I’m happy you’re the kind of girl that lifts her decrepit dog into bed. I have hard time understanding people that wouldn’t.

  8. Well, she does weigh almost 60 pounds and I am a weakling, so I live in fear that one or the other or both of us is going to end up on the ground, unconscious, but so far we’ve managed.

  9. As a person who has been well trained by one cat(young, healthy)t to lift it onto the counter, and another to carry it around constantly(why is doing x task so hard-oh, I’ve got a cat in my arms) helping an older dog onto the bed doesn’t sound odd at all.

    But then I’ve got a pet feral hog too…..

  10. He’s black and really really hairy-so feral is more a physical description. But he was snatched from the wilds of east Texas as a tiny baby from a feral mom. Then rescued by my sister and given to me. He gets beer and cake for his birthday-most feral hogs don’t even get birthday parties.:(

    And since he’s somewhere in the 250# range it’s been a while since I picked him up. He has jumped over dead trees as high as his back-which is kinda awesome since he has short stubby legs.

  11. most feral hogs don’t even get birthday parties.:(

    I see a new cause in the making. Now, would it be proper to have a pig roast to raise funds?

  12. The hog wild joke is just hanging there….mustn’t succumb…too late.

    I have a very punctual possum that cuts through my backyard every night. It’s not a pet, but I did leave a little gap in the fence for it so that it didn’t have to give up its route.

  13. “Now, would it be proper to have a pig roast to raise funds?”

    Dunno why not-pork roast is always on the menu at Piggy’s birthday party. And he would probably eat it if I let him…..

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