Cool Stuff You Find on the Internet

I continue my quest to convince this guy I know, Michael, to write a book about a history of African American music in Nashville and so this weekend when I saw him I brought it up again and he mentioned that there is only one building that used to be a club back in Jefferson Street’s heyday that is still standing–the Elk’s Lodge, which used to be Club Baron.

And, using Google Maps, I found it.  I’ve driven by that place at least a million times, but never knew.

And looking up Club Baron, I found this article from The Scene, from a decade ago, in which you can learn, among other things, that Jimi Hendrix got his ass handed to him in Club Baron, back before he was a rock god, perhaps just a little god-let.

4 thoughts on “Cool Stuff You Find on the Internet

  1. Google maps comes in very handy indeed! I love it on my iPhone especially. The web really is a place to find the coolest stuff, I found the love of my life there :-)

  2. 1. Yes, Michael, WRITE THAT BOOK. I will proofread it for you (although it won’t need much, I know). Listen to B, please, sir. Please PLEASE Please PLEASE.

    2. I always genuflect at the corner of Fourth and Charlotte. Why the old New Era site is not a shrine to Miss Etta, I do not know, but if I get my way, it will be.

  3. If a certain institution would set out to get itself a proper endowment, instead of raising money for operating expenses alone….

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