Coincidence, I’m Sure

On International No Diet Day, on the day Kate and them’s book is the best seller at Powell’s, the thing screaming from Yahoo is how Kirstie Alley is fat again, but so, so, so, sorry and ashamed of herself and she will, by god, get skinny again.  P.S. Please love her.

3 thoughts on “Coincidence, I’m Sure

  1. Oh, good lord. I can’t tell you how tiresome it is to have the weight troubles of perpetual dieters like Kirstie Alley and Wynonna Judd constantly thrown out for public, er, consumption.

    Pun intended.

    I’m just cynical enough to wonder if Kirstie has a new book/reality show/product of some type she’s hawking. Maybe she just wants to get back on the cover of People.

    Look, folks. Just be happy with your weight and be done with it. And if you aren’t happy, then go on a diet, exercise, and be done with it. Just, you know, PICK ONE. I don’t give a shit. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about it.

  2. Funny thing, I thought Scientology made people into superhumans who didn’t have these kinds of mundane problems. Maybe Kirstie’s been hanging around too many SPs.

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