A Handy Tip Regarding Ticks

Aquanet does not have a high enough alcohol content to make one back out.  And once you have aquanetted your upper thigh, you CANNOT use the match trick.

Just go with a gob of toilet paper soaked in rubbing alcohol.  Apply for ten seconds, and that tick will have walked right back out of your leg and you can pull it off and flush it down the toilet.

These handy tick-related tips have been brought to you by my morning.

7 thoughts on “A Handy Tip Regarding Ticks

  1. Hey, that’s handy. My kid and I were having a long conversation about how to make ticks detach themselves only last night and I promised her that I’d get together a few options for her in case she’s at school and can’t light a match.

  2. The rubbing alcohol works so easy you just about can’t believe it. Nail polish remover will do the same thing. I’m sure that’s widely known, but I figured it out myself when I was in middle school and had to do a bug collection for science class. You had to capture the bugs and kill them by putting them in a jar with a cotton swab of nail polish remover.

    Well, you also had to walk around the dump looking for bugs. Which lead to ticks.

    Which lead to me trying the cotton swab full of nail polish remover on them. Which lead to me discovering that it will cause them to back out. Which is nice because, as you know, if you just pull, sometimes their heads stay.

    It’s also a good trick for getting ticks off dogs, who are often terrified if you try to approach them with matches.

  3. The match trick, while used widely, isn’t a very good one. It works, to be sure, but pain it causes the tick makes the tick involuntarily inject a (larger than a normal bite) amount of saliva into the bite increasing your risk of being infected by whatever disease the little guy might be carrying.

  4. With all the fuss over Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever must feel like an unappreciated sibling.

  5. Yeah the match trick is a bad idea. Most of the time you just kill the tick, in place. Imagine a ten foot ball of flame coming at you.

    The alcohol on the swab is a good idea. In the past I just carefully pulled them out. Fortunately, the GA ticks are about the size of a king crab; much easier to catch than those little Lyme disease bastards in NY.

  6. I’m not sure I can accurately describe how oddly this thread reads to me. About the only thing we’ve got here that bites are mosquitoes. And small children.

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