Worth a Second Look

1.  Go take a moment to linger over the review that contains this deliciousness

The result is debut single “Runaway,” a song which boasts memorable and captivating lyrics such as “It’s been a long week/I got a slow leak/In my left front tire/I’m sick of where I work/My boss is such a jerk/Don’t care if I get fired.”

Based upon the strength of this track, it’s probably not too wise for this trio to be burning bridges at their day jobs.

All I can say is, “But Juli, they have facial hair! Doesn’t that prove that they have worldly experience?

2.  So, yes, it turns out that Windland Center Nursing Home in White House, Tennessee, will not return your security deposit if you don’t give 30 days notice before vacating your room.  Even if you die.

I repeat, they want you to give 30 days notice before you die or they will keep your security deposit.

Let me put it another way, if you die without giving your 30 days notice, the nursing home makes $900 dollars off of you.

I hope the White House police scrutinize every quick death in that place, because $900 a dead person is nothing to sneeze at.  And it behooves Windland Center to have as many unexpected deaths as possible.

3 thoughts on “Worth a Second Look

  1. That’s a good review, but I’m more struck by the following post of Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women tour dates. Evidently they aren’t coming to Nashville. I am preparing to go into mourning.

  2. Hi Aunt B! I lurk ’round these parts all the time. Love your site, your garden, Mrs. Wigglebottom and your regular commenters! There’s a joke in here somewhere, about the inevitability of death. I think I’d give that nursing home notice on the day I moved in… 30-days’ and (hopefully) several years’ advance notice. Who could complain about that?

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