Mountain Dew, Throwback & Another Fun Thing

America, we picked up a twelve-pack of Mountain Dew, Throwback and it is amazing.  I was going to go all taste-testy on you and get a can of current Mountain Dew and describe them for you side by side, but whatever.  I had a Throwback with dinner and I cannot recommend enough, if you like Mountain Dew, running out and getting it.

Let’s be all pop snob here for a second in describing it.  First, it feels lighter on your tongue.  There is no corn syrup in it, so there is no heavy syrupy feel.  It feels light and refreshing.  I also think they must have slightly tweaked the recipe as it is less sweet and I think it has a slightly more orangy taste and the grapefruit notes are less severe.  It is also not as sickly sweet by the time you get to the bottom of the can as regular Mountain Dew can be.

It is, in a brief phrase, Mountain Dew for grown-ups.  And, at Walmart, it’s a good dollar-fifty cheaper than a twelve-pack of the HFCS stuff.

And because it is fantastic and terrific, I have no doubt they will pretty much instantly discontinue it and we will never hear tell of it ever again.  So, get it now, so you can tell your great grandkids about the glorious moment when, briefly, Mountain Dew was amazing.

Also, I would like to recommend Black Joe Lewis, who my co-worker turned me on to.  He’s not the most original singer and the Butcher complained all the way through the album that he couldn’t understand a word the guy was saying, but we both agreed that you cannot NOT dance when his music is playing.  His one album is on sale at Amazon for five bucks.  And you can get his song, “Sugarfoot” for free right now.

But my favorite song of his is “Cousin Randy,” and I am now dying for someone to explain to me how your cousin wanting to go fishing at ten in the morning is a sign of demonic possession.

23 thoughts on “Mountain Dew, Throwback & Another Fun Thing

  1. Pepsi Throwback is also much better than Pepsi with HFCS. It’s the difference between Coke from Mexico and Coke bottled in the US — a huge difference in taste. Pepsi Natural (in glass) is also good and will remind older people of the drinks of their childhood. Word is that it’s on sale only through May.

  2. Diet Dr. Pepper knows he stole me from Mountain Dew in the first place, so he can’t be too surprised if, when I step out, it’s with an old beau.

    Of course it’s still piss-yellow. And I’d have it no other way.

  3. Apparently it’s only available for 8 weeks. And they’re being cagey as to whether they’ll continue selling it based on demand.

  4. The “live wire” version was the same way. It was supposed to be a limited run but it’s regular production now.

  5. Well, honestly, after drinking it, I would buy it again. That’s right. I would switch from diet pop to regular pop to drink Mountain Dew, Throwback. Or at least supplement my Diet Dr. Pepper drinking with Mountain Dew.

    I know Pepsi’s marketing campaign for Mountain Dew has been “We are so young and hip it hurts; drink us young, hip men.” And I haven’t seen any ads for Mountain Dew, Throwback (though I have for Pepsi, Throwback), so are they leaving it to word of mouth? That seems utterly stupid. No one at Pepsi could come up with the whole “Mountain Dew for grown-ups” angle?

    I shake my head. And I guess I fully believe it will cease to exist and never be seen again.

  6. I love Black Joe Lewis (and the Honeybears)! Sugarfoot is a kickass song. And they are SO GOOD live!

  7. Or check out this other new band, The Soul of John Black at — it’s sort of blues/funk/hiphop/neosoul/psychedelic/country stuff. And very nice. Though, I gotta say, the names the kids these days choose for their bands….

  8. I’m betting they’ll put it back in the rotation. I’m betting as HFCS continues getting blasted we’ll get more natural sugar sodas at premium prices. Which I will gladly pay. I already do, in fact, as I horde drinks from Mexico and drinks at passover.

  9. You wait until after the holiday to stock up though, right? You don’t take it all off the shelves while there’s still some poor soda-drinking Jew who needs it for the week.

  10. You wait until after the holiday to stock up though, right?

    I usually have the stores order me an extra case. I figure that way I don’t mess it up for the ps-dJ out there and I still get my fix. ;-p

  11. Ah, better still. And pretty much what I would have expected of you. I just have heard sad stories of other areas (mostly RPT in NC) where gentile corn-syrup haters scoop all the Passover soda off the shelves the instant it appears, leaving all the ps-dJs in a lurch.

  12. I hate to point out the obvious, but if Big Pop would just realize that everyone in the nation, ps-dJs and non, would prefer non-HFCS drinks and return to sugar, all would be right in the world.

  13. My prediction: when Castro dies, we’ll be right back to buying Cuban sugar and this will no longer be a problem.

  14. I thought most of the Cuban arable had been switched over from sugar to crops for domestic consumption? I think what it’ll take for a major switch back is the US using less arable for corn or such a rise in the price of staple grains worldwide that US corn is mostly exported.

    But let me say that I, too, love the image of Big Pop.

  15. Yes, that’s true — Cuban arable is now used for feeding Cubans. However, there are a whole lot of US sugar corporations who want to change that and reassert their ownership of nationalized production sites. Given that corn prices were skyrocketing during last year’s ethanol bubble (and that ethanol, like it or not, is being pushed by the Department of Agriculture as key to America’s energy independence), I am guessing we’ll see a convergence of price hikes on corn, diversion of corn into non-food uses, contempt for HFCS, and a warming in Cuban-US relations that leads to a reversion (at least partially) to high-intensity
    sugar production.

    However, I’m not taking any chances. I’ve been buying cases of Throwback whenever I find it on sale because I like it a lot better than HFCS soda.

  16. Well, I’m not a soda drinker at all, but I’m happy for the rest of you that things seem to be trending back to better taste. And of course, for the idea that maybe HFCS will be taken out of the sweet things I do buy.

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