My Second At-Bat

So, my second post is up at Pith.  It’s about John Work and why I’m hoping the Feds will give stimulus money to refurbish his house and how the Tennessean kind of dropped the ball when they were reporting about it.

And I have to say, I really dig it.  I mean, I’m really starting to get a feel for what I want to do over there and how it will differ, at least a little bit, from what goes on over here.  Here, I think, is like if you came to my house.  There’s burping and farting and watching bad tv and getting drunk and talking politics and cooters and Democrats.  Or, like Mag said once, it’s like stopping by a bar where almost everyone is a regular and we’re talking about shit we’ve been talking about for ages.

Over there, I think I can introduce some folks to some stuff.  I don’t know.  You know it’s all subject to change.  But I put my post up about Work and I got an email from someone almost immediately after I posted it telling me that he’d lived in Nashville his whole live and never heard of the Works and he was glad to read my post.

How fucking amazing is that?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m still scared shitless.  It’s one thing to sit on the sidelines and take potshots under a name only the people who love you call you; it’s another thing to get up there under your own and try to say something about this place.

So, yeah, though, I think it’s good.  I hope it’s not too soft for them.  But I mentioned Hooters and how dull the Tennessean is, so hopefully that will still get me some bad-ass street cred.

8 thoughts on “My Second At-Bat

  1. Well, B, I can sort of mentally hear your voice reading the Pith stuff aloud, so I think you’re doing right. It still sounds like you talking, it’s just that it’s in a bar where you aren’t yet a regular.

  2. If all the burping and farting bothered you, you should have mentioned it. Some of us would have at least cut down on how often we did it…

  3. Cred is criminally overrated. Please continue writing in ignorance of its pursuit.

    And don’t be shocked by the e-mail you got. That’s how people tend to respond when you’re grateful enough to tell them something new about the city they’ve lived in their whole life.

    It’s funny. You think you just barely made the team and should be thankful for batting ninth. It’s everyone else who sees you for what you really are: the clean-up hitter.

  4. Count me as another native who didn’t know nearly enough about the Works and is embarrassingly grateful that someone of your intellectual and communicative caliber was gracious enough to tell me about them without pointing and laughing at my ignertz.

    The pointing-and-laughing-at-me part is what you do at the house, right?

    Kudos, madam. Kudos.

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