Down Home Cooking

All I can say is that a book like this is both the strongest argument for self-publishing and the strongest argument against it.

Also, if you own this book, please only cook vegan when I come over.

Semen isn’t vegan safe, right?  I mean, if you can’t eat an egg, you sure as hell can’t cook with sperm, right?

(h/t Shakesville.)

8 thoughts on “Down Home Cooking

  1. Augh! Augh! Ew ew ew ew.

    I mean, I’ve nothing against the occasional ingestion of semen, but there’s a time and place for everything. Some things ought only be eaten … fresh. And unprocessed. And when directly and unequivocally in evidence.

  2. Good lord… is that… is that… is that flan on the cover of that book?

    (“No, I don’t want any Rocky Mountain Creme Brulee!”)

  3. I don’t think that claiming to be a vegan would protect you in this instance. While it seems to be verboten on the surface, semen isn’t exactly harvested but donated, right? Well, maybe that only covers for moral vegans and there are other motives.

    Although, I also think that anyone who invites you over for dinner and serves you food cooked with semen without your knowing is a terrible person.

    I think this is kinda hilarious. Maybe Campfield will try to legislate against such cooking in TN because it kills potential babies.

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