I’d Rather Not Do That Again

So, I don’t know how you spent your afternoon, but I spent the most exciting part of it vomiting into a plastic bag in my car.

11 thoughts on “I’d Rather Not Do That Again

  1. Ha, if I am, I’m going to have a few people at Walgreen’s I need to punch and a very surprised gynecologist, Not to mention a very surprised me.

    No, it was very weird. I was having a kick-ass day at work, one of those days where you’re just like “Oh, that thing? Done. Those things? Done. That thing? Under control. This new thing we’re curious about? Totally researching. And let’s go to lunch and talk some more about how awesome we are.”

    And I came back from lunch and it just hit me. I started dry-heaving in the bathroom and called my brother to come get me and about halfway home it all came up. Then I got home, was nauseous all afternoon, but now I’m feeling weak but okay.

    Very strange. I’ve had food poisoning before and it wasn’t like that. It was more just like my whole digestive system was in revolt. At first, I couldn’t tell if I was going to burp, fart, or throw up.

  2. Ha, Jesus Christ, if I’m like this when I’m this age, can you image what I’ll be like when I’m 75? It’ll be all weird ailments all the time.

  3. The worst I’ve experienced so far with old age is acid reflux. Thankfully little yellow pills have stopped the sudden projectile zooties that occurred in the middle of the night. Next up: arthritis. Hope you’re feeling better.

  4. Or, ya know, just too much grease in the food? If you haven’t been eating a lot of fat and then suddenly have a fatty meal, it can take you that way.

  5. Particularly if there’s something hinky with your gallbladder.

    (Not trying to be a doctor to you, no way, but that’s how mine started acting up.)

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