And Yet, It’s Not My Birthday… I Don’t Think…

So, this is weird.  I got a weedwacker for my birthday from my parents yesterday.  And today I got an electronic birthday card from my aunt.

I wonder if I should say anything or if this is some family secret coming to light?  Maybe my birthday really is the 15th.

Or maybe I have one of those birthdays that’s figured not by physical date but by phase of the moon?  I was born under the full moon after the peonies bloomed?

I had thought that the weedwacker just got here when it got here because my dad knew we were desperate for one.

But I will be on the lookout for any other indications of it being my birthday without my knowledge.

4 thoughts on “And Yet, It’s Not My Birthday… I Don’t Think…

  1. I hadn’t considered that, Tim. It just should go to show how awesome you are that people you don’t know give me presents in honor of you.

  2. We bought a weedwacker last week so we could get started celebrating your birthday as soon as possible.

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