Dear Rain, I WAS Weeding My Garden

Eat Less Food

So, I read two things yesterday, on the internet, at two very different places.  The first one I found through Jezebel, about how scientists think that we’re fat because we eat more food than we did thirty years ago, not because we sit around on our asses more.  They recommend people eat less food.  And then, over at Pith, Ashley points to this study about how smoking, along with acting as an appetite suppresant, seems to stimulate a gene that regulates weight.

Hmm.  So, as fewer and fewer people in our society smoke, more and more of us are fat.

Surely being fat is better for our healths than smoking, right?  Right?

Ha, I laugh, but only because here’s the truth.  Fat people have always been with you.  I can show you pictures of my fat relatives going back as long as their are pictures of my relatives.  But, for the people who don’t find themselves fat because of genetics or medical condition, take heart, your skinny ancestors had to inhale a drug through a delivery system that causes cancer and other terrible health problems in order to pull it off.

Not that that’s much different than what the medical community often asks of fat people now, but I just thought I’d point it out.