Jim Malec, Shut Up!

Seriously, shut the fuck up!  You interviewed John Rich?!  And you held your own?  And he came off as a kind of thoughtful person?

What the fuck?

If you hear a sound right now, that is me dying of pride and envy.

Edited to add: I know this is corny to say, but I love reading Jim Malec and the other guys over at The 9513.  Jim especially, I feel like I’m watching a young… someone… a young Jim Malec.  You know what I mean?  Some writers you read and you just feel honored to get to watch them learn to spread their wings.

5 thoughts on “Jim Malec, Shut Up!

  1. Aloha,
    That was an awsome interview between John Rich and Jim Malec. John you are a legend already-don’t kid yourself. You are going to be here a long time and continue with your mind set as ‘Rich’ with goodness and truth as you do so well. I have never been so touched in my soul by country music until I heard ‘Big and Rich’ music. When together or apart performing, John and Kenny are the part of us that want to scream “What the hell is happening to our world” and they use their God gifted talent to do it for us. I am also a big ‘Kid Rock’ listener since his first songs and I love ‘his’ style of inspiration on the truth. I also truly believe that the CEO’s will trickle down in the future when everyone someday gets to see the ‘whole picture’ and with all the more output from singers and actor’s giving their time for causes that help around the world we will unite in helping each other and over power the madness that is going on everywhere within groups or individuals. I raise my bottle of brew to you with a “Hell Yes” brah and Mahalo for your contribution to the world. Cheryl Merinar

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