Well, That’s That

SJR127 passed.  I wrote about it at Pith.  It’s hard for me to write about politics, I have to say.  Because when a man can stand up in front of the whole damn state and say, “If my daughter was raped, I’d want her to have a choice, but I’m still going to vote for this” I just don’t know how to let that roll off my back.  I mean, is that evil or is that just a level of disconnect so large between one’s desire and one’s actions that it’s… I don’t know… it hurts my head and my heart to try to understand it.

How do you say “I want my daughters to have a choice” and then vote against it?

How do you face them after that?  How do you look in the mirror and see that you are either a coward or a liar, because either you want that for your daughters but are too chickenshit to do right by them or you actually don’t want it for your daughters, but for some weird reason feel like saying you do.

I cannot understand it.

And I know it makes me naive.

But it hurts my heart.

And it makes me so angry.

15 thoughts on “Well, That’s That

  1. It makes you idealistic. And a humanist. What it makes the man who stands up and says he wants a choice for his daughters but votes to deny them one I can’t say: a politician? an ideologue? More than a hypocrite, that for sure.

  2. They don’t really want their daughters to have the choice. They want the power to make the choice for them, to take daddy’s little girl to Illinois or put her on a plane to New York — or not. It’s about power, power to be the decider, the person who gets to be the ultimate chooser.

    Their social position is such that they always will be able to make those genteel arrangements. The rich and powerful have always been able to make a way. It’s the rest of us that are fucked.

  3. What Bridgett said. But plus, people like this know that it’s morally different for them and theirs, too — since they’re always pure and have reasons for things, while other folks are irresponsible, or sinners, or something. Anyway, it’s different for them.

  4. According to his speech, if Turner’s daughter were to be raped by a “gangster,” then he’d be all in favor of killing the child.

    “Gangster?” Right.

    Tells you everything you need to know about his ethics.

  5. I didn’t know much about Mike Turner before he addressed our blogger meeting back in December, but he seemed like someone who understood all of our concerns back then. Now I know it was all a load of crap.

    Bring back Gary Odom. Slimeball that he is, he’s at least willing to fight for SOMETHING.

  6. This, my friends, has been the worst legislative session that I can remember. And the way that the so-called democrats are acting, it’s only going to get worse.

    Once again, it’s about politics, the next election and has nothing to do with how these maroons words and actions will impact the constituents they only remember every 2 or 4 years.

  7. This is the “you’ll take what scraps we give you” mentality of the anti-Chip crusaders. There is well and truly no home for populist or libertarian Dems in this party.

    I was discussing the votes on sjr127 and the Odom amdt. with someone and she said that the fact that they voted for it without exceptions says that there is still dry powder in reserve. That is, TN citizens are more likely to oppose this measure if it is as Draconian as possible. I wish that I shared that faith in my neighbors. It would be one thing if this wasn’t being run statewide. Seems to me like a particularly dangerous game of brinksmanship.

  8. LeftWingCracker, that’s kind of how I feel. If these are the Democrats we have, who fucking cares if the Republicans win?

    Andy, I wish I had your neighbor’s faith. But even if that’s the case, I resent, with all my heart, being told this whole session that I, as a woman, have to have special scrutiny because the men and children of this state need to be protected from me.

    And that Democrats voted for that message? Fuck them. Fuck them big ole time.

  9. What we should do is speak, think, and act as if the GOP had a majority of 80, because that’s essentially the case. We have about 20 Democrats in Tennessee. That’s the reality of the situation. Screw the whole damn state party: Bredesen, Forrester, all of them. None of them are on our side when it counts, so let’s not even pretend like they are anything other than useful idiots for the GOP.

  10. So then what, autoegocrat? I mean, I feel exactly the same — I’ve been feeling that way a long while. But what is our next step? A third party in a state that can’t even manage two? Replace the current TNDP as it is with something else? How do we do that?

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  12. At some point, Mike Turner is going to figure out what Odom and the other twenty legislators know, which is that it’ll be their own female family members facing an unwanted pregnancy someday. What I do NOT think Turner will figure out, however, is that at some point they don’t get to say what happens to those women’s bodies. That’s the terror point, for them: to not have a say. I know the stakes are high; every woman who’s ever been aware of her fertility knows how high they are. The kicker is that you can’t control what they do.

  13. Now come on my pro choice ones. Turner hated the fact that the rape, incest, life of Mother amendment was not in there but overall was in favor of the bill. That type of decisionmaking happens all of the time with legislators on different issues. You know it but conveniently ignore it so you can whine and bitch about the mean ole legislators picking on the poor women.

    Your side has won victory after victory and just because you lost one, you are ready to abandon the Democratic Party, no matter how they vote on other issues. Y’all were singing Turner’s praises a couple of weeks ago, after the conference in Monteagle but now he is satan himself.

  14. Except, PLD, that our entire Constitutional system is supposed to be about protecting the minority, the odd case, the freaky situation, from the tyranny of the majority. And to say “I like this bill except for the way that it runs all over the rights of people” is to say “I like this completely unconstitutional bill.”

    Plus, please don’t talk down to us as if we don’t know what’s going on. The TNDP has let down women, people of color, and progressives time after time. We have been told that our issues (all of them) don’t matter, that we’ll have to take just this one more bit of neglect or oppression, and then just this one more…. We haven’t lost one, we have been completely and comprehensively abandoned by the state party.

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