I Love the Internet

So, for my next post at Pith, I was going to write a serious reflection about the fact that our human development index has us as a state just below Belarus and I had all kinds of thoughts about the shifting geographical realities of the “South,” since it appears that folks on the right side of the Appalachians are having better luck than those of us who drain into the Mississippi and wonder what it means for “Southern” identity when we have more in common with Oklahoma than South Carolina.  But I got in there and saw that Caleb was already writing about it.

So, I was left with a block of time devoted to “writing something for Pith” with nothing to write about.

I ended up writing about Jimi Hendrix, which was fine, but the most awesome part is that they had on YouTube footage from him playing on the “Night Train” tv show.  Holy shit.  So I stuck that up there.

And I forgot to post a picture, but whatever.  I’m still getting the hang of this stuff.  And I’m not sure that the picture I found, which purpotes to be Jimi in the Army, actually is.


So, it’s probably for the best.

7 thoughts on “I Love the Internet

  1. I really love writing for Pith, but I have to admit, I find some of the commenters grueling. I know admitting weakness in any form only encourages them, but I have to admit it to someone. Y’all have spoiled me. Even the folks who give me a hard time are funny and spot on. There’s just not that same sense of real folks really having a conversation over there and that’s been the hardest thing for me to adjust to.

  2. Yeah but I wish that it weren’t. I mean, there are interesting conversations to be had about Nashville and it would be nice to have some real thoughtful dialog about those things.

  3. You’re handling them with aplomb so far. Hang in there and stick to your (charming and hilarious) guns.

  4. Yeah, but now I totally have writer’s block about posting over there. They’ve broken me!

    Unfortunately for them, I’ll get over it.

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