The Mole is Dead

I should have moved the garden between the shed and the driveway.  It would have washed away, yes, but it would have been in a sunny spot.  The dog and I went out to the garden this afternoon and it was like standing under a big green canopy.  Okay, it wasn’t like that.  It was that.  Being out in the back yard is more like being in a breezy open green room.

Which is lovely, don’t get me wrong.  I just wonder how the garden is going to end up.  Everything seems happy, though.  Even the transplanted watermelon seem quite chipper.  And everything looks a little better now that it’s had a chance to de-waterlog.  Still, if we could establish a schedule where it rained every three days, that would be really great, since I have not yet acquired the lengths of hose I’ll need to get out to the garden should I ever need to water it.

And the mole is dead.  I don’t know if he was the only mole in the yard.  It seemed like we had enough damage for an army.  But I took the dog out and there he was, flat on his back, paws in the air, fat, happy, and dead.  I didn’t see any signs of foul play, but I didn’t examine him that closely.  I’d like to think that he finally gorged himself to death.  I, of course, screamed and told the dog to leave it alone.  This, of course, caused the dog to immediately come over and sniff at it.  I should have thrown it out, but I couldn’t bring myself to touch it.

And something seems to have eaten one of the buds off of one of my coneflowers.  I mention this only because, unless we have giant rabbits, it seems too high off to have been a rabbit.  I suspect something larger.  And yet, the Butcher was home all day.

Unless the Butcher has taken up nibbling on my coneflowers.  I may have to have a talk with him when he gets home from work.

And I tried some of the spinach.  It had almost no taste.  And a pea.  It too seemed rather bland.  I hope this isn’t a trend when they get more ready.

The Butcher is throwing me a fire tomorrow evening.  I can’t stay long because I have to work in the morning, but if you want to wander by, you’re welcome.

9 thoughts on “The Mole is Dead

  1. I must have missed this: the Butcher is employed again?
    Maybe your produce is just waterlogged. Usually needs sun to sweeten up.

  2. 1) Take a plastic trashbag. Sort of open it up, even turn it inside out. Put one edge of it over the mole. Then, through the bit of the bag that is covering the mole, pick it up, turn it inside out (again) around the mole, and voila — the mole is in the trashbag and you didn’t have to touch it.

    2) Peas get sweeter as they ripen. What variety of spinach are you growing?

  3. People stop by the newspaper all the time to pick up our old papers for their gardens.
    I don’t know if it’s about protecting the seeds. Actually, I have no knowledge about newspapers and gardens at all as I have a black thumb.

    I realize the mole is deceased but I have named him Monroe.

  4. Hey now, I love you guys, but I am not going out there and making like this is CSI: Whites Creek. All I know is the thing is dead. And is named Monroe. Which somehow makes it sadder, whereas before it was just gross.

    NM, I’m growing just that old flat spinach that grows up to be baby spinach.

  5. Death to the mole! We keep trying to track the suckers down and kill them in our yard. Perhaps one of the cats got him?

    RIP Monroe.

    Congrats to the Butcher.

  6. Newspaper’s for blocking out weeds…I’m told. I myself buy that newfangled yard cloth from the Depot so I can cut daisy (& rosebush, etc.) shaped holes in it and have it stay put….

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