7 thoughts on “mem21

  1. B, do you still need okra transplants? Mine are continuing to thrive and I figure to thin them out in about a week. I’d be happy to dig two or three of them out as transplants instead of just pulling them up, if you want them. I have some Clemson spineless and some burgundy (though I am told they lose the color when you cook them).

  2. Beth, I’ll see what I can do. It’s gonna depend on how many I thin out. I can probably give you one or two. Or do you want seeds, maybe? Them I’ve still got.

  3. Just one? That’s hardly enough okra for anyone. I went and checked the garden this morning and I’m pretty sure I can give B three transplants and you two. Also seeds. I’m figuring to do the thinning this weekend; I’ll be in touch.

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