Mrs. Wigglebottom

We had to leave her at the vet so that they could fix her ear.  She has a subdermal hemotoma, which I think means that House will have to come in and kill her three times only to figure out at the last second that she has a tick on her she got from misbehaving outside and thus he will revive her and save her and it will be wonderful.

Or that’s already been an episode of House and they will just do some minor surgery on her ear and we will go get her this afternoon.

Poor puppy.

They did say, however, that she was very friendly and a good dog.  So, that made me feel a little better.

4 thoughts on “Mrs. Wigglebottom

  1. nm beat me to it.

    I was too busy laughing at your House scenario to type my answer right away.

    And I’m also glad that THIS vet isn’t treating her like Leper Zombie Death Wolf.

    Good God, that was awful.

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