6 thoughts on “Oh, Poor Puppy

  1. She doesn’t look too unhappy – but a bit funny. although, she is in the car, which she loves. Here’s hoping for a quick recovery and no more broken vessels. I’ve had images of her ear bursting open with blood all day, and I’m finally relieved.

  2. Aw, poor baby. She looks kind of like a pilgrim in that getup. I hope she heals up good and soon.

    And, happy belated birthday. Sorry I didn’t get to see you guys while in Memphis, I guess I should have emailed you or Trace but I thought one of you’d see one of my comments here or there LOL, then I decided maybe y’all weren’t coming after all. Glad you had a good and fun trip tho, maybe next time.

  3. Ooo. Lynnster, I’m so sorry I missed that. I would have loved to see you. And you would have gotten a kick out of my brother, I think.

    Prof, don’t be fooled. She’s pretty doped up. And not very happy with me.

    She looks cute as hell, though.

  4. Either that or she’s become a nun. Hard saying.

    We’re supposed to try to keep that thing on her as long as possible. I am delighted to say that it was still on her this morning.

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