Three Sisters

So, yeah, the whole “three sisters” planting concept is not going so hot, basically because the corn finked out.  In the future, if I do it again, I’ll plant the corn first and get it above ground before I plant the beans and squash, because right now my beans are ready to wrap and the corn’s not high enough for it to wrap around, what little corn there is.  I had to suppliment with bamboo poles.

In the future, I don’t think I’ll separate it into three different plots.  Instead, I think I’ll make a big oval full of a bunch of corn and then do beans around it and then my squash.  And I’ll stagger the planting of them.

Anyway, it turns out that we cannot wait to get the dog’s ear fixed, so I’ll have to call and schedule that.  And I need to call and schedule her getting her stitches out.  Ugh.  I just feel so bad because I know she’s in pain and uncomfortable and you can’t explain to her what’s going on or why.

This is the other reason that I don’t understand how people can fight dogs.  I am upset about causing my dog discomfort that I know is for her own good.  She had to get the ear fixed and I know from experience that she’s going to be much better off after she gets her leg fixed.  It’s for her own good and it makes me feel so bad.

How can you hurt a dog for no reason and not be devistated by it?

I just don’t get it?

2 thoughts on “Three Sisters

  1. Wait, that wasn’t her already getting her ear fixed? There is a larger problem? That will cause future hematomas? Oh no. that’s awful. But at least it can be fixed. She will recover. She’ll even forgive you soon enough.

    I think dogs don’t like the smell of clean, of soap and sterility. They like the smell of earth and bodies and such. I think the bandages freak them out in that way. Just a theory – don’t know what a study would look like to confirm or deny. But that’s what I’ve gleaned by being around animals while one or both of us are injured and bandaged. And watching dogs after a bath.

  2. Oh, shit, no. I just fucked that up. Her other knee is what we need to get fixed. Her ear is fixed. I hope. Knock on wood.

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