On Another Note

I thought this post was one of the nicest things I’ve read on the internet in a long time.  I know “nice” is a strange word for it, but I like posts that are, at heart, about how the sausage gets made and who, in fact, is making the sausage and how they think about what they’re doing.

And this is like that, and brave, so that’s that.

You Laugh and Cry at the Same Time

It’s gotten so bad at Fort Campbell that the senior officer yesterday ordered his soldiers to stop committing suicide.

Who knows?  Maybe it will work.  Something sure needs to.

I have said it before, but I’ll say it again.  We cannot treat the men and women in our armed forces this way.  If the general public won’t support a draft, then don’t go to war.  Putting it on a small group of volunteers isn’t right.  If we’re, as a country, at war, the risks should be spread out over the whole country, not borne alone by a small group of volunteers.

Quick Things

1. You know I’m right so stop fighting with me.  A party like the TNGOP can only for so long manage to make every racial faux pas known to human kind before a person starts to believe that they aren’t faux pas-es, but actual real pas. At this point, I’m just hoping that they break down and run through the streets screaming “There are black people!  Oh, dear god, there are black people everywhere!” and finally get it out of their systems.

2. It’s hard work single-handedly ruining The Nashville Scene.  But I hope to set my sights higher.  First by ruining the whole city and then by ruining the whole state.

3. There are two things I don’t understand about May Town. One, everyone knows this idea that people will drive to May Town by getting off I-40, rolling through three traffic lights, going up Briley, getting off at an exit, meandering past the prison complex, and then over a bridge into our second downtown is a farce, right?  For May Town to work, there has to be an I-40 exit and a bridge where the ferry used to be.  That’s part of what makes Cool Springs work–easy interstate access. Without easy interstate access, we’re looking at a disaster of a ghost town. And two, and this is something everyone may know and I may have missed it, is the May family saying that they’re going to sell that land, period?  Because if the question is May Town or farms, I pick farms.  But if the question is May Town or giant unweildy subdivisions or dump or whatever, I pick May Town.  But it’s not clear to me what we’re talking about as the alternative.