19 thoughts on “In Which I Say a Nice Thing about John Rich

  1. Leave it to John Rich to be so aware of the publicity aspects of life that he gets combed and cleaned up before his mugshot gets taken.

  2. The linked article sounded interesting for a moment. Until I realised the author meant “Moolah” and not “mullah”.

    For a second there i was really wondering if John Rich got into a beat down over Iranian theocracy.

    That would have been profoundly interesting. Sick, but interesting.

  3. Chris Willman’s book recounts a fistfight between Kix Brooks and Steve Earle about the war in Iraq. Since he quotes both of them directly, I’m pretty sure it actually happened. And I’m sure they’ve each of them read one book on the subject.

  4. I wonder how we can contribute to the legal fund of the guy suing JR? I find that to be a worthwhile cause. Team whatever-his-name-is!

  5. I’m still unclear about why he had to turn himself in. Were the police looking for him? Was this just some way for him to look like a guy with nothing to hide and no reason to be afraid?

    I’m unclear.

  6. Well, it’s got everyone talking about him, for the relatively low price of his attorney fees. Doesn’t he have a new album out? (I’m ignorant of the current state of any music business…)

    IAS, now that celebs know for certain that the live goat dead boy maxim is true, getting arrested, drunk or divorced is the new way to promote yourself. You can either pay a million bucks for a 20second spot during a popular show or cause some sort of passibly newsworthy ruckus for tons of roundtheclock press, much of it on blogs which gives your name a huge bump across the web.

    It works for all the My Family Of Freaks and Tales Of Freakish Wombs on Tlc, it works for Paris Hilton. And, most importantly it worked for The Dixie Chicks. That right there showed people that in the end there is no bad press and they can work the police blotter angle to their hearts’ content.

  7. OK, I’m gonna astound all of you. I’m gonna speak up for John Rich here. He and Jason Aldean (? I think — some newcomer, anyhow) had a fist fight on stage a year or so ago, and are suing each other for defamation of character or somesuch nonsense, which does fall under Kat’s “there is no bad publicity” heading. But very recently Aldean put in a criminal complaint against Rich as well (I have to assume because he realizes that Rich can hire more and better lawyers and will win any civil suit), so the police by necessity issued a warrant for Rich’s arrest, so Rich went over to the police station and turned himself in, all nice and pretty for his mug shot. I think this one’s on the other guy. I also think that I know far too much trivia about what’s going on with country personalities in Nashville, and that this is one case where my ability to remember this stuff is not an asset.

  8. I was there @ Cafe Coco’s last night when the drama went down @ 2:45 a.m.. John wasnt even drinkin the beer that was on the table. And the point of John’s Frustraton wasnt that he couldnt drink his beer, it was that he couldnt finish singing the song w/o someone interupting. It was the first time I’d got to talk to him and he was playing my guitar and the server goofed it up for me.

  9. Clayton, it’s very nice of you to come to John Rich’s defense, but listen. A lot of us live in Nashville and we’re all well-aware of Rich’s determination to take a whirlwind tour of town that ends up right down the shitter. Some of us have even witnessed his asshole behavior in person.

    And, frankly, at this point, I feel bad for him. Clearly, he’s got some demons he doesn’t care to wrestle with who have him by the balls. Like Rich, I’m a minister’s kid, so I’ve got some sympathy for him. Some.

    And who knows? Maybe this was the one time when he really, literally, was not acting like a giant entitled asshole who should get to have the run of this town. And maybe this was just the one time when he really was just playing a little music and, damn it, he couldn’t not be interrupted.

    But please? He goes to a restaurant and is surprised when the server talks to him? Come on. If he wants to play music without interruption, he’s got a house where he can do that. If what he needs is an audience, he can set himself up a gig.

    But to just show up at Cafe CoCo and expect the joint to run in a way that suits him? With the police and the media standing there watching if Cafe CoCo did violate the law?

    Come on.

    And as for you, buck up. It’s a small town and you’re going to run into him or some other self-important asshole soon enough.

  10. B, you’re unfair. I mean, when I’m interrupted at work or play I always respond by throwing bottles across the room, out the door, and into the street. It’s a perfectly ordinary reaction that anyone would have. Why pick on Rich?

  11. Hell, I keep a six of empties behind my desk at school just to drive off students. Works like a charm.

    At least he didn’t bust up your guitar.

  12. Ha!

    This is where I admit
    1. The only song of his I know for sure is save a horse.
    2. I had no idea he has an album called that. I can see where he might think it’s some mark of pride or something. To me all I can think of is the song and that makes him sound, well, a little gay. Or extremly narcissitic if he swaps the words around. ‘the only boy who could ever reach you’ etc.

  13. Well I for one am soo sad with JR, i don’t know what to think. I am a huge fan of his…now I know he can be a bit “proud”, and granted ever since his marriage he has been in more trouble than usual, but give the guy a break. He drinks yes, he’s under alot of stress because he has 3 lawsuits against him not to mention these latest ones accusing him of plagarizing the song “redneck woman”. And a new album, plus a tour, and all the other details that follow being in the public eye. I don’t applaud his behavior as of late, but if you worked your whole life trying to be something and do stuff you love and some guy shows up and besmirches your whole exsistence, wouldn’t you be pissed off?? If this fight had been about one trailer trash hick against another hick, there would not be a lawsuit. Jared Ashley has known John for “years”. John has tried to HELP Jared up until Jared got snippy. Jared also has had issues with John;s little brother Issac. Why would someone who had problems with JR and Ike, still go to JR’s PRIVATE bar, drink for free(moocher)and then insult the host. Jared is not all that innocent. His little stunts are getting him the recongnition he hasn’t had since Nashville Star and that is another story, JR got him on there..giving Jared a leg up against the others, but when the sponsors changed half way through Jared ended up losing. Well Jared’s blogs show another side. He knew he had help in the show by JR and yet he still lied to everyone. He taunted JR at Legends, showed up at a PRivate pub, and he’s supposed to be the “BETTER GUY” Give me a break!! JR may not be perfect, But Jared is not that Innocent. I’m on TEAM RICH. for better or worse. I love JR, and i pray that he bounces back from all of this. KEEP THE FAITH,BROTHER SOME OF US STILL BELIEVE IN YOU.

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