2 thoughts on “may 31 8

  1. Also on the way to my house.

    Every day I feel so damn lucky to live here. Can you believe it? You know how when you’re young and it feels kind of fake to be an adult, like at any moment someone’s going to come along and knock on your door and tell you that they’re on to you and you’re not really an adult and you have to go home?

    That’s how I feel when I drive home, like someday someone is going to knock on my door and say, “Oh, we’re sorry. There was a mistake and this place was supposed to go to someone much better than you, at least much richer.”

  2. The knock on the door is going to be someone saying, “There was a mistake. You were supposed to get this house free, plus some money for upkeep, just because you are so much better than you think you are, missy.”

    You deserve it, ma’am. And you are clearly making a fine home even finer. Which is the reason you buy one in the first place, right?

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