Wait a Second, Why is John Rich at Cafe Coco in the First Place?

This whole thing is very strange.   And yet, hilarious.  And he’s building a house right down the road, so Cafe Coco, welcome to your new neighbor!

For those of you not from Nashville, Cafe Coco is where you’d see the likes of me sitting on the front porch eating hummus and reading tarot cards.  It’s the kind of place you take young misfit teenagers to show them that, once they have a car, they will be able to find people like them. It’s not the kind of place you’d imagine a guy who makes inflammitory comments about gay people would relish hanging out, in other words.

Also strange is that Roger Miller would be the cause of all this.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Roger Miller as much as the next person, and I know he battled his personal demons, but he seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t have been a jackass to a server just trying to do his job.

(This is, in fact, the greatest song ever written, just by the way).

13 thoughts on “Wait a Second, Why is John Rich at Cafe Coco in the First Place?

  1. John Rich is incited to violence by playing Roger Miller. Sometimes I think Rich would be incited to a random act of stupidity by just seeing a bologna sandwich and a glass of milk.

    Roger, one of my first childhood crushes.

  2. “How dare you interrupt me while I’m seeing this bologna sandwich!”

    Man, if the fake TNGOP twitter feed was up and running, I’d totally tweet this as “American patriot tossed out of French sounding bar over Roger Miller.”

  3. Which Roger Miller song was it? Not only do inquiring minds want to know, but it could explain a lot. I suppose.

    Oh, and Miller, while a cool guy, was totally nuts. I wouldn’t lay money on what he would or wouldn’t have done in any circumstance.

  4. Maybe if it was “You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd.” But I’m betting “King of the Road.” Not that the latter isn’t a decent song, but it’s the sort of thing that doesn’t require much vertical knowledge of the genre.

  5. Um, for better or worse Rich has a pretty thorough vertical knowledge of the genre. But, see, I’m thinking that if it was “Dang Me” he might have wanted to blow across the mouth of the bottle for the “doot doot”s at the end, and couldn’t bear to give up that idea.

  6. I’m betting “Only Daddy that’ll Walk the Line.” It’s a good tune to sing when you’re drinking and the casual listener would be more familiar with it as a Waylon Jennings song, so it would give Rich the chance to be all “but I’m all about the songwriter, maaaannn” like he is.

    Clearly, the clientele were supposed to be all falling over that he graced them with a free impromptu set. Ingrates.

  7. …considering his thirst for a late nite beer, I’m voting “Chug-A-Lug”

    side topic, where is this man’s “wife”?

  8. I’ve lived in Nashville long enough to say that I’m betting bridgett hit it right on the head.

    “I’m BIG and this is a TREAT for you little folks.”

    Meanwhile, my first read of the story left me thinking “poor guy who had to give over his gig to some ass who’s already been discovered.”

  9. …considering his thirst for a late nite beer, I’m voting “Chug-A-Lug”

    I like this.

  10. let me inject the question that is obvious to me here, because I’ve seen no one else ask this question:

    The story goes that JR drove to Cafe Coco, ordered beer, drank it, and then refused to give it up to the server – meanwhile an officer of the law standing by with a camera crew is observing the action as Rich proceeds to act a fool.

    Now, humour me if you will, but I”m fairly certain that if I, Jane Q. Public, or the male equivalent, did the same thing and left in a car, an average person would be arrested or at least held on suspicion of DUI or at least drunken disorderly conduct.

    Why was this not the case?

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