Feel Weird Wednesday

Can we just talk about how weird it is, when you get to be a certain age, and you realize how fucking hot Dick Van Dyke was?  How did I not notice this before now?  I literally cannot take my eyes off him.  I find myself kind of blushing in spite of myself when he’s on-screen.  Good lord, I might have to take a moment to regroup.

What “Peaceful Protests” Consist of

The anti-abortion activists were in front of the Planned Parenthood again today and it literally made me sick to my stomach.  The idea that these folks could not, for one week, imagine what the people at Planned Parenthood must be feeling, and not show up and add to their terror, considering what happened on Sunday, just made me want to vomit.

Seriously, what kind of sickos, knowing you’re afraid of them, show up where you work?  But, apparently because they have Bibles, I’m obligated to believe they have the best of intentions (though apparently they train their volunteers to lie, lie, lie).

But after reading Joe Powell’s post, I no longer feel obligated to believe that these folks are anything other than evil.

An Open Letter to Mrs. Wigglebottom

Dear Mrs. Wigglebottom,

Okay, yes, I’ll admit, the look of delight on your face when you figured out how to get the bandage off your ear was charming.

But damn it, dog, you were not supposed to take the bandage off your ear yet.  And I don’t want to have to haul your grouchy ass back to the vet to get it rebandaged yet again, considering how unhappy you were about that the last time.

So, we put the cone on you.

It’s really the only thing to do.  You don’t have to wear the bandage and you can’t rip the stitches out with your back foot.  It’s not very cute, but it’s done.

Now shape up, missy.



I’ll Be Brief

If one more person on the internet pissed and moans about how liberals are all upset about Dr. Tiller’s murder, but not about the murder of William Long, I will drive to their house and kick them in the shin with my own foot.

You want to know why I find your pissing and moaning bullshit?  Because I’m willing to bet you one million dollars that when you read “William Long” your first thought was “who the hell is William Long?” and then you thought, “Oh, I bet it’s that poor kid who got killed by the radical Muslim nutjob.”

Everywhere I look, I see folks talking about Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad having shot some Army recruiters, but the focus is all on him.

So, let me be clear–my position AS A LIBERAL is that motherfucking yes Mr. Muhammad was a terrorist.  It will not surprise me to learn that he had ties or was attempting to establish ties with terrorist groups.  And to me, the only question that remains is how a recent convert (and if you ask any religious leader, he or she will tell you there’s nobody as zealous as a recent convert), traveling with counterfit documents to Yemen, where he is detained, is then somehow free to move about our country where he then acquires weapons, without it raising any red flags along the way.

But if you are using the murder of William Long to dance on the grave of Dr. Tiller, you need to sit back and ask yourself what the hell is wrong with you?

I don’t want to hear any more about this nonsense.  Stop talking about it on my site.  It’s fucking ghoulish. A kid is dead. A fucking twenty-three year old kid is dead and you can practically hear the sighs of relief from folks who are rushing to their keyboards to type “See? See?! It happens to us, too.”

No, nothing happened to you.  What happened was that William Long’s family and friends had William Long ripped from them by a guy who seems like he should have been stopped long before he got back to Arkansas.

Let’s keep our eye on that ball.