An Open Letter to Mrs. Wigglebottom

Dear Mrs. Wigglebottom,

Okay, yes, I’ll admit, the look of delight on your face when you figured out how to get the bandage off your ear was charming.

But damn it, dog, you were not supposed to take the bandage off your ear yet.  And I don’t want to have to haul your grouchy ass back to the vet to get it rebandaged yet again, considering how unhappy you were about that the last time.

So, we put the cone on you.

It’s really the only thing to do.  You don’t have to wear the bandage and you can’t rip the stitches out with your back foot.  It’s not very cute, but it’s done.

Now shape up, missy.



4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Mrs. Wigglebottom

  1. Oh, the cone! My cocker spaniel suffered through the same thing…ear hematoma, and the lovely cone! I always felt the other dogs were making fun of him when he was sporting it.

  2. The amount of moping she’s doing is pretty extraordinary, but I have to say that getting some air circulating around that ear seems to have done wonders for it, so I think it’s all worked out fine.

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