Feel Weird Wednesday

Can we just talk about how weird it is, when you get to be a certain age, and you realize how fucking hot Dick Van Dyke was?  How did I not notice this before now?  I literally cannot take my eyes off him.  I find myself kind of blushing in spite of myself when he’s on-screen.  Good lord, I might have to take a moment to regroup.

15 thoughts on “Feel Weird Wednesday

  1. Ha ha ha. I totally know what you mean. Although, I had that moment when I was about 25, not 35. Once you adjust it’s kinda nice. I’ve had 10 years of enjoying re-watching some of his old movies and shows. And it helped me figure out some confused feelings for Mary Tyler Moore (and I guess also Julie Andrews): I just wanted to be her, not be with her.

  2. That’s not so bad. It’s kind of an inverse to my adolescent Charo crush. Besides, Van Dyke was Caractacus Potts, who in turn was James Bond in thin disguise. It all makes sense, B.

  3. I KNOW, right? For me it happened a couple of years ago when the niece and nephews “discovered” Mary Poppins. I was sort of taken aback, like I should be focusing on the songs and cartoons, not noticing how hot this character from my childhood was.

    All I’m saying is, if I was Mary Poppins, maybe I would have stuck around town for a while. Maybe see what Bert was doing that weekend…

  4. Just wait. The sure sign of senescence is when you notice that Bob Saget is funny. :-)

  5. Oh. My. That’s just odd. He’s sexy and I like the way he moves…I have to rearrange my mind now.

    Who else from my childhood is going to turn sexy on me?

  6. Professor, I see nothing wrong with wanting to be the meat in a Dick Van Dyke/Julie Andrews sandwich. I think it’s perfectly natural to find both of them incredibly attractive.

    And, yes, Kathleen, I have to believe that Mary Poppins was just flying off down the block where she will hook up with Bert later.

  7. Yeah, there are definitely some ladies I’d happily be with – and Julie Andrews might be one I’d help her flee from the Nazis any day). But I just couldn’t figure out about Moore until I’d figured out how hot Van Dyke is. I didn’t quite want to be Laura Petrie really. I mean, sure she dressed well, but she didn’t have that exciting a life. I guess Mary Richards’ life was worth having.

  8. Aunt B, if you think the youthful Dick Van Dyke was hot, have you seen his son Barry, who was on Diagnosis, Murder? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0886719/
    The first time I clapped eyes on him in that series (not knowing he was really the son), thought, “Where’d they find someone who looks like a cross between Dick Van Dyke and a California girl?” I love long and lanky, but sometimes extra muscle is good, too, as long as it’s not overdone.

    Fred MacMurray was another one who suddenly struck me as kinda sexy when I was in my 30s. He did all of these Disney movies and My Three Sons and stuff, and was sort of a generic father figure when I was a kid, and I was watching reruns on TVLand one night, and something about how he used his hands just grabbed me. (OK, I’m now officially weird.)

  9. Fred MacMurray was another one who suddenly struck me as kinda sexy when I was in my 30s. He did all of these Disney movies and My Three Sons and stuff

    Your man-crush may be complete once you dial in Double Indemnity. (And Barbara Stanwyck back in 1944? Fuggedaboudit.)

  10. Let me introduce you to my ex, the lanky advertising guy who tripped over everything in his path. But could also dance like a mad thing.


    Let’s just say that I’ve always had a completely different hearing of “Oh, Rob!”

  11. P.S. — One of my uncles looks just like the “Steve Douglas”-era Fred MacMurray, upon whom I had a huuuuuuge crush. Until, that is, my sister pointed out the resemblance, promptly and horrifyingly skeeving me completely out.

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