What “Peaceful Protests” Consist of

The anti-abortion activists were in front of the Planned Parenthood again today and it literally made me sick to my stomach.  The idea that these folks could not, for one week, imagine what the people at Planned Parenthood must be feeling, and not show up and add to their terror, considering what happened on Sunday, just made me want to vomit.

Seriously, what kind of sickos, knowing you’re afraid of them, show up where you work?  But, apparently because they have Bibles, I’m obligated to believe they have the best of intentions (though apparently they train their volunteers to lie, lie, lie).

But after reading Joe Powell’s post, I no longer feel obligated to believe that these folks are anything other than evil.

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  1. There’s a book by Susan Wicklund you might be interested in, called “This Common Secret: My Journal as an Abortion Doctor.” It details the harassment she experienced, including having the exit from her home blockaded by protesters, and her daughter being targeted for harassment at school. I believe she tells the same story in the book, but in this interview (http://revcom.us/a/116/wicklund-interview-en.html) she notes, “They went in my daughter’s school and put up wanted posters with my face on, saying, ‘Sonja’s mother kills babies.'” Nashville Public Library has a copy.

  2. I can imagine some of them feel as though they’ve got the wind at their backs. :-(

    If empathy for actual, existing persons was their strong suit, they’d be protesting something else altogether.

  3. Rachel, I don’t think I could read that. Just reading Joe’s post brought up so many feelings from when I was stalked that I haven’t been able to bring myself to click back through to it. I couldn’t read a book about it.

  4. B, my apologies if my description above was triggering. The book is a very powerful look at how one woman was targeted, and I completely understand that it could be entirely too intense under the right circumstances.

  5. Oh gosh, no need to apologize. Those are just my issues. I still think it’s important to talk about this stuff, even if it’s hard.

  6. I wonder how anti-stalking laws can be applied to these types of situations. This clearly falls into the same category of harassment and manufactured terror as any Celebrity experiences.


  7. I’ve read that the phone number that Roeder had in his car for Operation Rescue went straight to their policy director’s desk. The articles say that Roeder would ask her when Tiller was supposed to be appearing in court, and that she helpfully provided him with that information.

    Because, you know, why not? To someone at Operation Rescue, what’s so abnormal about enabling someone to follow someone’s otherwise private movements? Just routine.

    They get names and addresses of clinic staff all the time so that they can show up on their lawns and send pictures of mangled baby flesh to their neighbors. All in a days’ work.

    They post pictures of people with WANTED signs, Wild West style, and then have the temerity to be offended when someone takes them up on their expressed challenge. “Well, we didn’t actually MEAN dead or alive…”

    They post pictures of clinics and provide schematics of power and security systems. Why, that’s just information, after all.

    They issue half-assed apologies of, “Well, we all condemn the taking of a life, even when the life you’re taking is a godless blood stained Pol Pot Hitler Stalin barbarian baby killer murderer who covers up child rapes so he can dine on stem cell sushi, pretending to walk among decent folk, providing a so-called medical service that no one would ever need. And while we would never condone the taking of a life, I mean, who can honestly say that he didn’t have it coming, amiright? Pro-life REPRESENT!!!”

    Free speech my adopted Dixie white ass.

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