Does Tim Pawlenty Not Know Who Eminem Is?

I’ve been laughing about this all morning, this idea that young Republicans should be like Eminem, and, when accosted by seemingly-gay, seemingly-unfriendly forces, fight back.

I mean, good god damn, where does one even start in on how hilarious this is?

1. I wouldn’t call Eminem a Democrat, but he was for sure one of the only mainstream artists to get a protest song out against Bush before the 2004 elections.

2. Young Republicans should turn misogyny into an artform so catchy that even arch-feminists like me sing along? Um, yes, let’s not have any more of that, please.

3. Young Republicans should do massive amounts of drugs?

4. Young Republicans should befriend Elton John?

5. Young Republicans should be in on the joke?

Does Tim Pawlenty even know anything about Eminem?

I’m reminded of the research that showed that many Republicans believe that Stephen Colbert is only pretending to be joking, but really, he means every word he says.

11 thoughts on “Does Tim Pawlenty Not Know Who Eminem Is?

  1. Maybe they just heard him wrong and he was saying that young Republicans should like M&Ms.

  2. The episode with Eminem that he was referring to was obviously faked up. And according to what I read Em was in on it.

  3. Well, then, I meant to do it, because it’s so awesome. ;)

    The Young Americans for Freedom’s answer to “D*ck in a Box,” huh?

  4. W., yeah, that’s what I meant by point 5. I read, too, that Eminem was in on it and thought it was hilarious. So, that seems to directly contradict Pawlenty’s point–he wants young Republicans to get angry like Eminem, but Em wasn’t actually angry. He thought it was funny.

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