I Like American Music

I have to second Southern Beale here.  Wasn’t it just the other day when country music was trying to shed it’s “the music of racist white people” image? And now CMT is inviting Bill O’Reilly to town?

If I were a Unitarian Universalist in this state, I would take that as a spit in the face.

Listen, anybody is free in this country to say what he wants. And, if he can find a platform, anyone is free to listen.  But when people walk into churches and start shooting people and say it was because they were inspired by the work of Bill O’Reilly and you are a music industry that hemmed and hawed and got your panties all in a twist when Martina McBride and the Dixie Chicks wrote songs about killing abusers and someone might have gotten the wrong idea, you look like giant hypocritic assholes.

10 thoughts on “I Like American Music

  1. So now Fox & Viacom are getting into reciprocal assholery?

    No way is Billo even a country fan.

  2. Andy, yeah, but you know how he loves to believe he’s got a line on the real America. And you know how country music likes to believe it has line on the real America. So, I guess they deserve each other.

  3. Heh. Was trying to make a reference to “Team America” up there, but apparently wordpress doesn’t like brackets when not used to actually format text….

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