The Things in My Yard that Please Me This Evening

When It Comes to Tennessee Conservatives, You Can’t Make This Shit Up

So, Woods has part of the story:

After ramming through their resolution this session to strip abortion rights out of the state constitution, Republicans now want to eliminate $1.5 million for a study of how to combat infant mortality in Tennessee.

And, damn straight that is mind-boggling enough. But at the same time this was happening, Bill Hobbs started twittering on about how Barack Obama kills live babies.  Which, of course, evolves into a discussion of how, if we can’t figure out how to lower the infant mortality rate in Tennessee, live babies will continue to die.

You will be unsurprised to learn that Campfield chimed in with what surely must be the talking-point the Republicans decided on (check out “Joe Carmen’s” comment on Woods’s post, too, if you don’t mind a little slightly veiled racism with your lunch):

The studies on infant mortality have been done several times and the results are all similar. Eat right, exercise, don’t do drugs you will have more healthy kids.

In other words, if infants in this state are dying at ungodly high rates, it’s the fault of their mothers.

Oh, I know. You’d think that blaming the dead kid’s mom would be a bridge too far for even Campfield, but you would be wrong.

Things on My Mind

1. Yesterday, a guy got pissed at me and actually said “you’re a blogger,” like it was something disgusting.  He apologized about it later, but it still tickles me so much.  I mean, I may just be a blogger, but you’re the fool who’s pissed at a blogger. So, where’s that put you?

2.  I’ve been thinking a lot about Lucy Virginia French lately.  Do you think things get more violent as they’re ending?  Like there’s a sense of winding down, so the folks desperate to still have a chance to win feel compelled to act in more and more outragious ways in order to keep the war going?

3. I’m going to institute a policy of giving swirlies to men who say I don’t participate in life, especially when the claims of non-participation are intended to get me to do what they want.

4.  I really, with my whole heart, want to blame Bill O’Reilly for evil nutjobs shooting up the place.  But I have decided that it’s wrong of me to do that.  It’s a way to slide the blame from where it belongs onto someone  who is just a trigger, at best.  I will never get over Tipper Gore and her campaign to censor music.  I understand it now.  But I can’t forgive it.  And the thing is, I feel like my desire to run Bill off the air is that same impulse.  So, I’m checking it.