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They had a bomb scare at an women’s health center that provides abortions in Memphis last night.

Coincidentally, yesterday, Steve Ross reminded folks that Roeder promised more actions against abortion clinics.  Hmm.  And yet we’re still supposed to believe he was a lone nutjob.  Even though he said there’d be more trouble and there’s more trouble.

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  1. When I was a teenager, we used to go argue with the protesters at that same clinic when we didn’t have anything better to do. While there were a few who were polite and calm, I remember thinking at the time that for the most part they were some of the most obnoxious and mean-spirited people I had ever encountered in my life.

    The only people I can think of who come even close since then are those Armenian genocide activists. They have that same level of crusading zeal, which in both cases seems to invest them with a willingness to cross the line of decency. (For instance, they really seem to relish in calling Steve Cohen a holocaust denier.)

    I’m starting to think that certain human beings just lose all sense of proportion when they perceive that an atrocity has taken place. If you get someone hung up on “millions of deaths” you can justify any level of extremism to them, up to and including reciprocating whatever perceived horror they are crusading against.

    It’s scary to think about.

  2. Yeah. Unfortunately, I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of having met Randall Terry face to face, and was just telling spousal unit that my sense of him is this: If it weren’t this issue, it’d just be another one. He’s an unhinged guy who loooooves attention and will do whatever it takes to get it.

    I honestly think that’s what a lot of the leadership of the “pro-life” fanaticism is about. I’m putting “pro-life” in quotes b/c these folks are anything but. Might as well call themselves “pro-power,” because this issue is all about raising their own personal visibility, helping themselves raise money, etc.

    Yep, I do realize some folks are actually pro-life, without the quotes; I get their POV, I really do. It’s just that practically speaking, I think bringing a bunch of kids into the world who are the products of rape, incest, and any number of other terrible situations is a spectacularly bad idea.

    Also, I cop to another, somewhat unpopular POV: I’m not sure that more humans is a good thing. The planet is hella overpopulated; we’re running out of water; there are food shortages in many areas; we’re exterminating thousands of other species.

    Guess that makes me heartless and soulless and all that. On the other side of the coin, seems like embracing even yet still more millions of humans, may well be a recipe for mass starvation, pandemic, etc., which doesn’t seem IMHO to be much of a superior option. Not that anybody much wants to talk about that, because it’s frankly nicer to get a warm cuddly feeling on the subject of saving healthy white babies.

  3. (ok, sorry, I realize not all of ’em are about saving the healthy white babies, either. Some people truly and genuinely think it’s murder and that all life is sacred. I get that. I just think that a whole lot of ideas are really nice in theory but don’t work out so well in practice.

    Sorry for the snark overkill. I’d edit it out if I could.)

  4. Eleanor,

    What I think off when I hear, “50 Million babies”, is this:

    Would my life/country/environment be better or worse if we tossed in an extra 50 million people, the majority of which having come from less than nurturing environments?

    I’m guessing overall, things would be worse, not better.

  5. Ex, here’s what I wonder, and we may need someone to weigh in. But is there any evidence that women who have abortions have fewer kids than women who don’t have abortions?

    I mean, yes, on the surface, it seems logical to say that we’re somehow “50 million people” short (or whatever number).

    But the vast majority of women in this country have children, which means that the vast majority of women who have had abortions also have kids. So, if a woman decides she only wants three kids, it’s not like if she had an abortion when she was 20 that she’s all “Well, fuck, that was one of my three.” No, when she gets married and gets financially able, she has three kids. If she’d had that kid at 20, she just wouldn’t have the kid she had at 36.

    So, I don’t think we can say that we have fewer people; we just have different people.

    Though I think you can see how that leads to anti-abortion folks also being anti-birth control.

  6. I’m guessing overall, things would be worse, not better.

    Ergo the movie Idiocracy. “Getcher hands offa mah junk!”

    Though I think you can see how that leads to anti-abortion folks also being anti-birth control.

    Oh, sure. There’s also a certain strain among them who’ve been lapping up all this nonsense from the likes of Pat Buchanan, who’s been blowing the alarm that “the darkies are outbreeding us!!!1!!one!” for about a couple of decades. There are some people desperately concerned about the American birthrate, as the margin of population growth in this country is mostly attributable to (gasp!) immigration.

    Strange how the winger agenda (the Obama birthers, the anti-immigrants, the school-voucher crowd, forced-childbearing, English only) kinda all dials back into something you’d have heard out of the CCC about 60 years ago. And when I say strange, I mean not really all that surprising in the least.

  7. Yeah, no kidding.

    Also, I agree with B., above: I have a good friend who’s having an abortion this week. Long story, but she already has three kids, she’s raising them alone and just found out she’s pregnant by a guy she’s been off and on dating, who’s frankly not great father material.

    Seriously, when I contemplate what her life would be like if forced to have this fourth kid? It’s just…I’m sorry, but gender-based slavery is what’s coming to mind. The pro-lifers aren’t doing jack squat about the fact that women make less than men and they’re not taking action on the fact that a lot of deadbeat dads aren’t making their support payments. It’s just not fair to insist that the welfare of some huge proportion of the next generation rests solely on women, not only through forcing us to bear them but pretty much mandating that we raise them without adequate help from the providers of the other half of their genetic material.

  8. And people say abortion is not used as birth control? “Not great father material” would mean “don’t sleep with him” to most people. She does know what causes a person to become pregnant right?

    So instead her bad choice leads to the death of a child.

  9. Actually Jim, I’m not sure ‘most people’ would think that. Sex is more than just makin’ babies. Are you hoping for a baby every time you do it?

  10. I know of very few people who think of sex as simply something you have to do to have a kid…

    Actually, I don’t know of any that I’m aware of (granted it’s not a topic that comes up alot).

  11. Jim, you bring up an interesting dichotomy. Technically, yes, abortion is a form of birth control, it prevents a birth. But it’s got a whole lot of stigma attached to it, so some people think a woman is a horrible person for choosing to use that method. Believe it or not, some people don’t.

    The problem with many of those who are anti-choice, also want the laws written so there are no other alternatives: they want to limit adoption to straight married people (they’d add white to that list if they could get away with it), they want to limit or even get rid of other forms of birth control, and they want to limit educating kids about sex and prevention.

    That is illogical and impossible. I don’t care if someone believes that sex is only for procreation. It certainly can lead to that, but since the dawn of time (regardless of your beliefs of how we got here) people have been having sex for pleasure and there is NO WAY around that. None. That will never ever change. So we need to employ systems that work with that reality. Education and prevention are key. Making adoption easier is absolutely necessary. Prenatal care is critical. Abortions are still necessary and always will be. There is simply no way around it.

    B – the answer to your question is that women who have abortions don’t necessarily have fewer kids, it’s more about timing, spacing of the births, etc… decisions which are usually based on the woman’s economic situation or family/relationship situations.

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