Trueblood Starting Season 2

Ha, y’all, I have missed liveblogging Trueblood.  Is LaFayette still alive? Will the show still have weird racial problems? How stupid will Jason continue to be? Will Eric Northman get naked?  And will the music continue to be great?

Let’s get started!

Just a thought.  Wouldn’t Jill Scott be awesome on this show?

Okay, we all just watched Season one again, no need for the world’s longest preview.

It’s not LaFayette!  Thank goodness.

And it is the crappy fake…

Is the opening a little different?

You can’t tell me you don’t think that that chair from the Barnes Cemetery shouldn’t be in these opening shots.  “Graveyard Property.”  Heh.

“We also recycle in this house.”  Good lord, Bill.  I have missed you.

I like how Bill neglects to mention his new kid.

Jason reads with his lips moving.  That’s perfect.  And he’s still dumb as rocks.  Jason, thank goodness your evil girl is gone.  Think of it as god saving you from boring us to death.

The actor who plays Tara’s mom is great.  But holy shit that part is so terrible.

And what the fuck is this chained up people stuff?

Now I’m sad LaFayette is still alive.

Oh, Forrester woman, I have been waiting for someone to say that, but I am sad that it’s you.

Bill, you are a doofus.  A grade-A doofus.  And now we know you’re lying about something else!  150 years and you can’t be a better liar than that?  My dog lies better than that and she can’t speak.

The Southern accents still are so terrible on this show.

Could they make that young Reverend more secretly gay? Is it just me?  No, clearly gay.

Didn’t we already surmise that Sam stuff?  Let me do a little work, Trueblood!  I can handle it.

But this stuff with Sookie and her Grandma’s stuff is a nice touch.  They probably shouldn’t do a bad throw-back and a good throw-back back to back.

So, is there no smooching at Maryanne’s?  That’s unfortunate.  Oh, no Karl’s just an idiot.

Oh, no!  This writing is just a little too… too… you know.  Like Sookie gives Bartlett’s money to Jason so Jason can have his sign from god.  That’s writing I could do.  Be better, writers, be better than this.

Holy god, how long is Sam’s penis?  She looks like she’s raising way, way up there.

The crazy hair-sniffing guy is my favorite guy on this show now.

Sam is right. But I think that’s just because the writing has been inconsistant. He is whatever Sookie needs.

Smooches!  Oh Terrah!  You deserve some smooches.  And Sam deserves to see it.

I kind of think that Bill likes that Sookie makes him feel bad.

And a hundred and forty year old vampire has his ear pierced?  Did he used to be a pirate?

Did Eric just beat that guy with his own arm?

And is this Randy Travis?

And why does Eric have LaFayette?!  Let him go.  Or make him a vampire!  That would be very hot.

Anyway, the writing contiues to be not quite as good as one would hope and things happen both too quickly and too slowly.  And I will continue to watch and complain. It’s like the circle of life.

In Which I Dream Wildly

What if, instead of May Town Center, we had May Historical and Agricultural Preserve?  Yes, I know, there’s already a park there, but a 1500 acre preserve developed by some smart business people who could supply a real campground (not just the primative ground in Beaman), maybe horses for people to ride on trails, a restaurant, trails both primative and paved.  Along with TSU’s agricultural center, there could be a working archaeological center, and a pedestrian bridge tying it into West Nashville.

And then market the whole thing as “Nashville’s Back Yard.”  Or something, maybe that’s stupid.

But here’s the thing. Do you know who the hell Percy and Edwin Warner are?

I don’t.

But I know their names.

And it’s about time for this city to have something even more audacious.