At Some Point, I Will Have Time for More Well-thought-out Crap

1.  Liz’s column today is brilliant and pretty much says anything about our governor that I would have wanted to say, but better.

1a. But I love how, in the comments, it’s all “Liz hates men!” Yes a strong woman with an opinion; she must be a man-hater.

2.  I continue to have a love/hate thing for Mike Turner.  One the one hand, he’s the lumpiest boob in the bra when it comes to talking about desegregation.

2b.  On the other hand (or should we say, in the other cup), he said, “On the accomplishments of the 2009 session: ‘It’s an exercise in bipartisan democracy I guess. Some people talk about bipartisanship. Maybe this is a good reason not to have it.'” Ha ha ha ha ha.  Brilliant.

3. People are rotting in prison in Florida because of a dog with superpowers.  What do you even say in the face of that?  How did juries buy this nonsense?

4.  I thought this was a pretty brilliant point.

4a. Keri’s pregnant?!  You miss some stuff when you mostly watch repeats, I guess.

5.  Tennessee blogger (and all around smoochable person), Newscoma broke the story today about a Republican staffer, allegedly in Diane Black’s office, who sent out a charming photo of all the U.S. Presidents (if by “charming” one means stunningly racist). Caleb’s got the list of who all received it.  I recognized most of the names as being Republican staffers.  I don’t know which one of them was grossed out enough by this to try to get word to the folks he or she thought could bring it to light, but that person deserves a pat on the back.  As for the rest of them, you can just add this incident to the long list of blatently racist crap pulled by Republicans in this state while other Republicans stood around and pretended not to notice.

5a.  The wrong list?  What is the right list to which to send your racist emails?