In Which I Take a Break from My Seven Plagues to Say Something About Kleinheider

1. Here are the plagues as they stand so far: ticks, prickles, oozing ankle rash, loss of power, loss of check card.  Only two more to go.  I hope I survive them.

2.  Here’s the one thing I have to say about this whole Kleinheider affair.  Who do you think was working next to Brittney when the liberals all came jumping down her throat for being a racist? So, now, you’re going to blame that same man for being reluctant to pull that switch on someone else?

I think Newscoma did the right thing.

But I think Kleinheider did what he thought was best, knowing, first-hand what this type of shitstorm looks like.

So, if you want to talk about context, let’s not forget that piece of it.

Rainy Windy Morning

It’s not even nine and I am beat.  We stayed out until the sun went down hoping beyond hope that the NES guys would get there and give us some air conditioning.  They didn’t make it.  So, we were stuck in the hot dark with the windows open but no breeze, and I couldn’t breathe, obviously, so I slept like shit.  I didn’t expect we would see them until daylight, but about 4:30, they pulled up in their trucks and tromped through yards and backed things up and pulled things forward and an hour or so later, we had power.

No Comcast, though, so they’ve got to come out tomorrow and hook us back up to the world.

The dog is massively in love with the idea of a closet storm shelter.  This morning, during the thunder, we found her sleeping next to the closet door, ready, if need be, to get in it.

Our neighbor, whose tree it is that took down our power, is going to get it out of our yard today, which is really great.  The little tree may be kind of salvagable, but it’s going to take some artful trimming.

Everything’s fine.  Our yard, even for all the trees in it, faired much better than either of our neighbors’.  And though hanging out in the dark by yourself waiting until it’s late enough to go to bed isn’t fun, it is good to spend some quiet time.

Still, I’m feeling a little run over.

Everything is fine, I just feel anxious.