Oh, Blog, How I Miss You

I’m happy to report that we have internet back at the house now, but I feel like I have been cut off from the whole world.  Because I am a giant overdramatic baby!  There’s so much going on and I have missed out on making snarky comments about almost all of it.

I spent the evening getting lessons on how to be a better feminist from the Ghost of Midwesterners Past.  Apparently many of the problems with the feminist movement could be solved by more whiskey.  Good to know.

Ha, I tease, but it was a good conversation.  I have to mull it over some, but I hope to get back to it.

Anyway, I’m sorry this has been so weird this week.  Ha, not sorry to you jokers, but sorry for myself, because writing here is good for my soul and makes me happy and I feel all discombobulated when I can’t.

11 thoughts on “Oh, Blog, How I Miss You

  1. So, because other people have it worse, we should just shut up?

    What kind of point is that?

    Other people write more eloquently than you. I don’t think that means you shouldn’t share your opinion.

  2. So what you’re saying is that the problems of feminism may not be solved by whiskey? And if this is true, will I fall off the end of the world?

  3. Many of the problems of feminism could be solved by collective cephalosphincterectomy. The whiskey is optional, but it would make the procedure more pleasant.

  4. What the hell is actually funny about perspective? Seriously? I don’t understand that remark anytime it’s used unless I take it as a smug condascension.

  5. I think it means “If you think you’ve got it bad, look at what these folks over here are going through and remember, we could do that to you!”

    I don’t know how else to take it.

  6. For Aunt B

    No, just because someone has it worse than you doesnt mean you should shut-up and take it.

    But as a Canadian expat who has lived outside his country for more than a decade, on a global odyssey that has taken me to more than 40 countries, I’ve noticed something. People in countires like my own are too quick to complain, too quick to judge, and too quick to forget the the lottery of birth has been kind so kind to us…

    And yes, your right . . . other people write more eloqunetly than me. You have a keen eye. I thank you for your tolerance of my inadequacies.

    For W.

    I think just maybe you need to lighten up a bit. If you jump from “funny” all the way to “smug condascension” me thinks you have issues….

  7. Well, if you’ve traveled so many different places, you certainly must know that there are very few places where a person can show up where he knows no one and act like an ass and expect people to not take it as strange.

    You are, of course, welcome here, but please consider that this is my online home and maybe get to know folks before you wander around trying to school them.

  8. As an ass whose wandering around trying to school you (that is pricless by the way!) your point is taken and my point made… all in one comment.

    Peace Aunt B and enjoy your next episode of Trueblood. I will be in Sudan at the end of the month looking to build on that funny thing called perspective…

    Your blog is entertaining and I’ll be back!

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